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7wks preg. u/s with no heartbeat no sac

My last period was on March 21. I am suppose to be about 8 weeks pregnant, I went for my ultrasound on May 12 and they could not find a sac nor a heart beat. I have not spotted, but I have been cramping. The cramping is about a 7 with reg. cramps at a 4. Some times my left pelvic region will cramp really bad. I have also been puking everyday during my pregnancy but it has stopped the last 4. Be honest and Be blunt I'm tired of being confused.
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You could always ask for another ultrasound to make sure. I'm not sure what to tell you, have you taken another test or have they given you blood work?
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im 8/9 weeks pregnant and my doctor said they wont be able to see the heart beat untill like the 12th week. i went to my docs today took a scan. and everything seems on baby is growing in the womb nothing to worry about. so i say wait until 12 weeks :) xxx  good luck and u will puke its morning sickness. some woman get it worse than others if i eat something baba doesnt like i throw up. and i throw up when i get up. so yeah your not alone xx

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