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Attending NASCAR question

Well my mom gave my son and I 2 front row tickets to NASCAR at Watkins Glen this weekend and we are thrilled. The question I have is...I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and NASCAR is really loud. Will the rumbling that the cars make be a problem for the baby & I? I am going to take ear plugs but it was more of the vibrations from the cars that I was concerned about. Any advice? Thanks.

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I dont know if it will hurt the baby or not>>it is realey loude...i went to the brick yard last month it was alsome
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I think you are fine, but I would call your dr to be sure. I was at a NASCAR race in Chicago last year and there was a ~6-7 month pregnant women there doing just fine. Then again that doesn't mean she was responsible and spoke with her dr before...
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I went w/a friend to a Garth Brooks concert and she was 8 1/2 mo's preggo. She was great!
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I went to a demolition derby a few weeks ago (when I was about 28 weeks).  It was very loud and I expected baby to start 'flipping out," but he/she didn't mind at all.  I went to a movie a couple weeks ago and it was loud, too.  This time baby kicked and wiggled through the entire thing!  I think you and baby will be fine.
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My husband said - No, you shouldn't go - you should give him your tickets instead!!  He's such a great man to stand up like that and take them off your hands!!  :)  We are very big NASCAR fans and have been to plenty of races and seen many many pregnant woman - I think you'll be fine.
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I went to the Brickyard last year as well as the Nascar Race in Chicagoland (actually I worked for the league) and remember seeing pregnant ladies and thinking they were crazy becasue of the heat.  You should be fine with the noise, it's the heat I'd worry about!  The one I saw at the Brickyard was much further along than you.  

Just please stay hydrated!!!  Congrats on the AWESOME seats and go #20!  
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Thank you for your comments. You all have eased my worries. I am concerned about the heat also but it was the noise that was the biggest thing I had to worry about. I am looking forward to the race even though I am not a big NASCAR fan. Thanks again.
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Hey, have a great time. We are so jealous. We usually go to the Charlotte races, but not since we move a bit more north. The baby will be fine. Don't forget to eat and drink lots of fluids. Just get anyone to win besides J. Gordan, sorry fans. :-)
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