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Baby Wearing

does anyone have a good baby carrier recomendation?  

i am in the market to find a really good, comfortable, sturdy baby carrier.  i currently own an ellaroo wrap.  its nice... but completely inconvenient as i've never been able to get used to the wearing instructions and its not exactly quick to access in getting in and out of the car when i have all 3 kids w/ me.  i'm interested in purchasing a mei tei baby carrier.  but i HATE trying to go through mixed reviews on the internet and not being able to ask real people their opinions that have possibly used one (or any other good recomendation).  if any of you have any advice please let me know...  thank you!!!  :)
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I have used lots of carries as I have two babies who love to be held.
I highly recommend the Moby wrap. I love it and here's why....
My newborn could sleep in it comfortably for hours.
It fits tight to your body so comfortable for baby and for your back
Your can use it tons of ways....
It is inexpensive $40
It is easily washable
I could do anything for my 3 year old with her in it, even bathe him..
Nice for breastfeeding baby in public or at home!
Most of all my baby loves it ! When she had colic it was the only way to get her to go to sleep.
Check it out online.
It may look confusing to tie, but once you do it 3 or 4 times it is easy. Also I recommend tying it on before you leave the house and then it is easy to put baby in when you get where you are going. Then I just leave mine on when I put her back in the carseat and it is still on ready to put her back in when I get home. I also have a lucky baby sling, which I like but it is not as comfortable or flexible. I also have the bjorn..hate it. and the ergo baby carrier which is nice, but better when the baby is older.
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I have a Taylor Made Sling, which I love, but dd is getting heavier so I am hoping to get a Moby.  They look soooo great, and inexpensive.  It is nice to find someone else who wears their baby!!!  It is such a great way to bond.  
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if my dd is 8 months old (and i'm pregnant) is a moby still a good thing to lean towards?  or since she's bigger (and i'd like to carry her on my back instead of her sitting on the baby!) should i go for mei tei now and then, since the moby is inexpensive get one once the baby's born?  or is the moby strong enough to hold my 8 month dd and on?  also, is it strechy material or is it material like my wrap?
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ok...  i just read what i typed and i just woke up so please excuse me if it didn't quite make sense!!!  i meant to ask if a meitei would be better now...  and then get a moby wrap for the newborn?  or is the moby wrap strong enough to hold my dd (who is 8 mos) and on until the baby's born?
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I think a moby will be okay, you can use it on your back, Im pretty sure.  I think you can wear up to like 35 pounds.
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Here is the link to the website.

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I think the moby wrap is strong enough for an 8 month old, but my dd is only 5 months old so I can't say for sure. But you could carry her on your back or side with the moby. It is stretchy soft material. I will look up the mei tei, never used it before.
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girls, thank you for the info...  i'll look at more about the moby wrap and see if it will work best for me.
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ok...  i am so lost here in all the information i'm reading and i don't know how to find comparisons.  i don't know if either of you know any info on these that i found (ma2isiah you said you own one of them).  

i found these 3 which i think i really like...  but i can't tell if they are all kinda the same thing just made by different companies or not.  they are the Ergo Baby Carrier,  teh Beco Baby Crrier, and the Baby Hawk Mei Tei Baby Carrier.  if either of you know any info or can help find comparisons between them that would be awesome!

i did look up info on the moby wrap but i am leaning more towards using that for a newborn rather than my 8 month old.

thank you again for the information you have already provided me with!
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I have a Nojo sling - works great and has lasted through 4 kids. is very comfortable for wider-hipped women and can hold babies up to about 20 pounds comfortably.. when they get a little bigger they can sit in it rather than being cradled.
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I looked up the mei tei and the beco. They both look nice. I think that the beco looks more comfy and easy to put on, but more expensive. The mei tei is cute too, but looks a little bit harder to put on. I can say from experience that the ergo is comfy and easy to put on, but I have so far only used the back carry for my son and he was one-two at the time. I keep meaning to try my dd in it on my side or front but I just end up using my moby or sling.  I don't think you will go wrong with any of them. But I was thinking you might ask your doctor how long you would be able to use the carrier and what hold would be best as your belly expands.
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thank you...  i never thought of asking my doc about wearing it while pregnant.  i guess that might be a good idea, huh?!?!  i guess i could also call the customer service dept that make these and get their input also....  thank you again!!!  :)

merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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