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Black Friday!

Sorry if this is already posted, and that it's off topic, but I was just wondering what are your plans for Black Friday? Any certain stores you plan on going to? Rather just sit it out at home and avoid the lines and traffic? I found a great site that has a master list of just about every store having a Black Friday sale, and the items on sale, along with their marked down prices! If anyone is interested, I decided I would share. :)
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I have to work 8-5 on black friday....so I am not going out. I did last year and got an $80 pillow for 20, only to go to Wal Mart and they had it ORIGINALLY for 17.99!!! I won't shop the day after thanksgiving anymore becasue generally everything is raised in price, just so they can sell it for cheaper and make you think you are getting a HUGE deal lol So, I am going to Michawaka on Sat the 29th to do the rest of the christmas shopping for Ashtyn and Summer! It is so strange having to buy for a little girl now, but I love it!!! I meet her for the first time on Sat!
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I ALWAYS go out on black friday.. however, this year, we are going to new jersey to visit relatives, and going into new york city on friday.. my DD wants to ice skate at rockafellar plaza I dont know about that, because you have to wait hours in line to ice skate for a few moments, anyway thats my black friday.. this year anyway..
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We are going to Connecticut (dh and I with baby) and my parents are staying home watching the dog, cat, ferrets, ants, spiders.... (hehehe)
We do this trip every year and visit my dh's aunt (like his mom) and uncle and cousins.. and my brother inlaw and family also come. We have a feast on TG, and then black friday usually we would wake up at 4 am (aunt is just as shoppoholic as me) and we go all day shopping! (I'm allowed to spend a $100... but usually the credit card bill somehow shows over that limit every time!). It's a fun day! ... but this time with Maddie, I don't really wanna wake up THAT early!, nor wake HER up... just to go shopping. So it's either I'm not doing our shopping day this year, or I would just go after SHE wakes up and eats. =)
No shopping spree is worth leaving my baby behind... it's either we go out WITH baby... or no go out. ;)

She's so good at shopping tho... I could just pack her bottles and gerbers and we are out all day! she sleeps either in my arms or in the stroller and eats perfectly well... she loves people and loves seeing all the lights and things out in the stores! =)

(uh oh... I'm creating a monster! lol)
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