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Bleeding after period

I stared my period on October 18th and lasted 6 days then started bleeding again on October 30th,is this normal?
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Was it a regular period length bleed?
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I had that too this time around and now I"m all confused as to where I am in my cycle.  I had AF right on time on Oct. 11, really heavy for 7 hours!!!  I ovulated 11 days later.  Five days after that I had three days of brown spotting and then a day later a few hours of red spotting.    I don't get it!  AF is supposed to be due on the 7th again...

I called my dr and the nurse said it could possibly be a cyst.  I didn't go in because it has stopped.  I'm always very regular so this is strange.  

Are you still bleeding? Is it heavy with cramping?  Let me know! Thinking about ya!
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