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Can't wait to take an hpt!

Anybody out there waiting to test?  I'm 7dpo and just praying for a positive!  I need some company, so I won't feel like it's just me.
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Yup me too so you're not alone!!!! I hate the waiting part. AF is due on Friday. I swear it'll be the longest week ever!!!
So this will be your 3rd? This will be my first child if the pregnancy takes.  I just recently had a MC so this was our first time TTC since that. I'm anxious, excited, scared, all of it at the same time. Aarrgghh!!!
Just a question - I'm still trying to figure out what a lot of the acronymns mean....what's dpo? Day's past/post ovulation?
Happe Baby dust to you :)
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I'm so glad it's not just me!  Actually I tested yesterday but it was a bfn (big fat negative).  I knew it would be but I couldn't help myself!!  I'm testing again on Thurs...IF I can hold out that long.  I swear if I had a $1 for every negative test I've had..LOL

Yes this would be my 3rd.  I got pregnant last year while on the pill (shock!) but sadly MC at about 7 weeks.  Got pregnant again right away (twins) and lost them at 8 weeks.  I started temping right after the last one and realized that my luteal phase was short so am on progesterone beginning on cd14.  Hopefully that'll fix the problem.

Yep, dpo (days past ovulation)  It took me 4EVER to figure all of them out.

Baby dust to you too!!!
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Keep me posted on your results!
I think I'm going to pick up one of those early HPT tonight and try it out tomorrow morning - you know, give myself the best possible chance of getting a positive!!
It's funny...even buying the tests makes me really nervous. I've actually gone to the store in the past and left again without it, becaue I just couldn't bring myself to go to the cash register!!! I know, I'm a moron ;)

Why does a short luteal phase make a difference? I remember reading about the luteal phase but I can't remember many details.....
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It's crazy how long it seems when you waiting to test.  I remember waiting and I test 7days before af was due and got my BFP.  I took a test every other day for about 10days because I couldn't belive it.  I just had my baby boy in June.  If it doesn't happen this time have faith you will get there good luck
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Hillarious!  It's not like you were buying condoms!!  HA HA!  I buy the Answer early results test.  They're made by the same people who make the First Response but they're way cheaper.  

A short luteal phase can mean that my body isn't producing enough progesterone, which is what is needed to support a pregnancy before the placenta kicks in.  You can tell from temping how long your luteal phase is.  I've learned so much since my last MC, just searching the web and temping.  My dr was impressed at how much I knew about my body.
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Wow!  You did get an early BFP!  Lucky!!!
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Good luck to everyone, I know how difficult it is to wait! I had to buy many pregnancy tests over the past year. I get weird looks and comments everytime I go pay for them!  I am 24yrs. old, but I look like I am not a day over 14, lol.  And my husband is significantly older than I am, so when I start showing (I am almost 12wks) we will be getting A LOT more looks when we walk hand in hand!
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I think that's part of why I hate buying them. I am actually 29, but people tell me I look 19, sometimes even younger. Maybe I think people are going to give me funny looks...but really it's none of their business, right!
Anyway, I picked up a First Reponse last night, but it was negative when I tested :( (last night - I couldn't wait until this morning - acutally my husband couldn't wait!!)
I'm really hoping that it's just too early - although AF is due on Friday.  It says on the package that there is like a 63% success rate that far in advance, which really isn't much more than 50/50.
Anyway, I'm just prayng and praying and praying that AF doesn't come in a few days.
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Well I broke down and took another test today...still negative.  ****!  I know it's too early but if I have a test in the house, I'm not happy until I've taken it.  So this was the last test in the cabinet and I flatly refuse to go buy any more until Thurs...lol.  I'm obsessed!  
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Ha ha! I have another in the cabinet....I'm just going to try and hold out for another day or so. (by then AF will almost be due anyway!!)

Something I HAVE noticed though. I have a headcold, sore throat and a slight fever. The EXACT same thing happend the first time I got pregnant, about the same time (before I knew I was).
Coincidence? Have you ever heard anything like that before?
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Very interesting!  I'm not sure if it has anything to do w/ it but it would get me excited if it were symptoms like the last time.  

Since we're comparing symptoms, the past 3 months I've had spotting for about 7 days prior to AF and this month I'm not spotting!!!  Gosh I hope this is our month!  Why is it that if you're on vacation for a week, the time flies but the TWW will never end!??  This is torture!!!
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I am also waiting to test.  I had 6 embryos transferred on October 14.  The doctor says they were all very good quality (2s and 3s).  The other 8 are still in the lab and those that survive will be cryopreserved.  We are praying for good, solid attachment to my uterine wall.  I go for a blood test on Oct. 26th.  Please keep us in your prayers.  This is our 3rd attempt.

On another note, I am still experiencing pain/discomfort from the retrieval.  There were many follicles and 21 eggs were retrieved.  I was told that the more follicles, the more chance of pain.  However, that was on Thursday, Oct 11th.  My stomach feels like it is filled with a a bunch of air and my bladder is very tender.  I also get nauseated after eating.  Has anyone experienced this?

One more thing - I have to go out of town on Tuesday and will fly.  Are there any concerns with flying before testing?
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I am also waiting to test. On sept 14 i had an implanon took out of my arm...after i spotted for 3 days a dark brown discharge maybe it was supposed to be my period. my husband and i have only been ttc for 1 month. i made my husband go buy me a test, he got the ept, i took it at 10:00 one night but it was negative. I think i still am that was 5 days ago. My period was due on Oct 12. I  have pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen and always feel like im gonna start my pd but i dont....any help? To abrahan$sarah i will pray for you wish the best of luck...i too get nausea after i eat and my bladder is so sensative i wake up all night having to urinate.
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Wow, good luck abraham&sarah. Unfortunately I have never been though a retrieval so I can't comment on that part. However, I don't you don't need to be concerned about flying. It shouldn't affect your testing :)
CLeigh, you could very well be pregnant - nausea, frequent urination, and sometimes slight cramping CAN all be symptoms. It might have just been too early for the test you took to read anything. Since you're currently 4 days late, have you tried another test? If you don't start your period in a few days and your HPT are still coming out negative, the best thing is to go to the doctor - they'll send you for blood tests. If it isn't the result you had hoped, don't worry. It's only your first try and if often takes a few attempts :)
momof3 - I hope this is our month too!!!
Good luck everyone!!!
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Isn't is just amazing how advanced technology and medicine are??  I wish you the very best of luck and keep us posted!
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Hey momof3, did you test again this morning, or are you holding out?
Good luck!
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So I took another HPT this morning....only one day before AF due....still negative.
This sucks...I'm pretty disappointed. I'm still holding out that it's just too early, but I think that might be optimistic. This might just not be my month :(
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I broke down this morning and tested again (I swear I need an intervention!) and it's still negative, but I'm only 10dpo so I'm still crossing my fingers (and my eyes, legs and toes) that it's too early.  The last time I was pregnant I got a bfp at 10dpo but I was carrying twins.  I'm still not spotting and my temp is up.  I think I'm going to be heartbroken if I see AF this month b/c I've gotten myself so excited.  Usually I'm like, eh..oh well...I just really have that nagging, back of the brain, feeling that I am pregnant.

You keep holding out until you see AF and I'll be praying for your BFP!
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Just thought I may brighten this talk for you, I test a day before with a hpt and was negative, I also had my blood drawn 2 days before my period was due and that was negative. I day late and I got a postive hpt. So keep holding hope!
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Well I hope that's the case for me. I will definitely hold out hope until AF arrives (or doesn't if I'm lucky!) I just know I"ll be so disappointed if it doesn't happen this month. I'm having these strange cramps today - at first I thought they were a sign AF was coming, but now I'm not so sure, cause they're a little different, and more towards my left side. Oh I"m so anxious I'm reading into everything!!!
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amberd5191-what a wonderful surprise!  Makes me more hopeful than ever.

Lil Pig-I'm analyzing all my twinges and cramps too!  This waiting STINKS!  LOL  
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Overanalyzing for sure!!!
I'm sitting here, supposed to be working BTW, and all I can think about it the twinge in my side!!!!
I'm going INSANE, LOL!!! :)
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I am scheduled for a blood test on Oct 26.  This is a long wait.  I'm trying to view it as a wait for my pregnancy to be confirmed.  I just believe that I am pregnant.  I have cramping, including towards my right side, sorta under my rib.  And, I also have flutters and pelvic discomfort.  I feel fatigue and tired.  I am really gassy and bloated too - TMI.  I read that all these symptoms could be from the Prometrium.  All except the flutters.  The flutters was explained as one of the signs of pregnancy as the burrowing process takes place.  Anyone else have flutters?
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I don't think I've had flutters. I haven't had much of anything to be honest, until the cramping today.
But I haven't had my usual PMS symptoms either, which I find strange.
I think I'm just reading too much into EVERYTHING!

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