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Cycle after Miscarriage

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching for some answers and have come up empty handed... I thought maybe someone out there has gone through this and knows perhaps the answers to my questions...

On April 7th at 8 weeks pregnant we found out that our baby had passed away 1 1/2 week earlier and was diagnosed with a "missed miscarriage" After waiting it out finally on April 18, I had a natural M/C (we have a 10 month old) this was our 2nd pregnancy.  I bled from April 16th until May 10th... In between on May 6th I had gone back to my OB for another scan and they gave me cryotec because I still had a little bit of something in my uterus, I feel like the cryotec didn't do anything no cramps etc. just more blood... May 10th would have been my "technical" day 7 of my cycle so I figure perhaps that last week of bleeding may have been AF and started temp charting with OPK's (doing them 2x a day)... My temps have been low and I have not had a LH sure, and I am now on day 16, (usually ovulate between 13-15) however I have had EWCM, high cervic etc. but no temp rise or +OPK and the last 3-4 days I have been on/off spotting.  Just enough to some days wear a panty liner, but it is mostly when I wipe. I am not sure what is going on... but I am going crazy! ;)  We BD'd every second day starting the 11th as my OB said there was no need to wait to try again... I thought for sure the last week was AF but now I am spotting and just frustrated! I mean WTH? It has been 4 weeks since the M/C and 6 weeks since the baby passed away.  What do you think? Could this spotting mean AF is coming or is it a weird AF? But then why the high cervix? Could it be ovulation spotting or implantation bleeding?
Perhaps my body is still messed up, who knows.... UGH! I just want to be preggo again!! :(  I go back to the Dr. for more scans this week... hopefully she could shed some light on this for me too.

Thanks for listening!
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well Iam not sure after my miscarrage I bleed so much I almost died they couldnt get the bleeding to stop. I dont know about yours, but good luck any ways lisen to your heart and of coruse the dr I hope every thing goes your way.
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After the cytotec, did you ever have an hCG blood draw that showed your level was below 5?  Even a little bit of placental tissue can keep your hCG count up, and that will keep your body thinking it is pregnant, thus, no next pregnancy is possible.  If they didn't do an hCG count that said "negative," I'd ask for one.
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They asked me to take a few HPT, after 2 weeks it was still positive and then last week was finally negative.  But no blood work done... I went back to the Dr. for a scan yesterday and I still have a small mass, (1/2 an inch big) and my uterus is a little thick so they gave me more cytotec, I took it last night and again this morning and nothing has happened with the exception of a little blood on my pad the size of a quarter! Sorry if TMI - I am fed up and annoyed with this... for a baby who couldn't survive s/he is sticking aroud for a LONG time!! :P  I think I am going to see how things are today and if nothing happens then I am calling tomorrow to see if they can gt me in for a D&C!  Worst part is last night prior to taking the pills I had a lot of EWCM and got a LH surge on an OPK.  Part of me didn't want to do the pills but I knew I had to... this is so frustrating, I am really sad that my body just can't seem to get over this... It took us 4 months to get pregnant, and I want to start again ASAP. A good friend of mine after 2 older kids decided she is going to have another one and she is probably going to get pregnant after 1 month, she says that "she sneezes and she is pregnant" I am so mad , it is hard to be happy for her and it is like everyone all of a sudden doesn't care that I had a miscarriage!! I keep saying to myself oh we would have been 12 weeks today or whatver... I just want my body to adjust so we can move on and start trying again!! I am just losing so much time with this!!
Sorry for the vent - thanks for listening ;)
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When I miscarried last winter, from the day I learned the babies' hearts had stopped until the day I passed the embryos was almost a month, and then some placental tissue remained and I took methotrexate a month later, and then three weeks after that I had a D&C because the methotrexate did not cause the tissue to detach.  So I do know what you are going through.  The main thing is to have blood-based hCG counts taken regularly if you can, it's easier than having ultrasounds and can tell you rather easily if the tissue has finally released.  All you can say to yourself about the loss of time is that possibly the baby to come had its reasons for wanting to come to you at a given point and not sooner.  :)  If you are interested (and I won't be offended at all if you are not) you could click on my user name and go on to my journals (lower left) and click on the "see all journals" button and start at December 18; they tell the story of the long time my miscarriage took all told.  

Anyway, good luck!  Stick with your doc and her advice, you should come through this.  It feels endless at the time, but in retrospect it's not.  
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Thank you for your kind words... I am sorry I have not replied sooner! I read your journals, and I am so sorry for your loss, that must of been very difficult.  Thank you for sharing your story with me, it made me feel that I am not alone in this... So many people just don't understand it seems. I eve had one friend ask, that is weird that you had a miscarriage, is it in your family? Did your Mom have problems too?! How messed up is that question?
Anyways...   For my Dr. if a HPT is negative then HCG levels are low and there is no need to take blood etc. and she just keeps doing scans every 2 weeks. I took the second round of Cyotec and I am bleeding a little yet again... but like I said it was also the same time as a + OPK which pissed me off and now my temps shifted so I know, or at least it appears that I ovulated this cycle... I wonder if there is still a possibilty that I could have fertilizd an egg and be pregnant even with taking these stupid pills?  I mean implanation would only be later this coming week.... who knows I somehow doubt it.  I just wonder now how my cycle is going to be... techincally I am due for AF on June 1st, but do you think the Cyotec has messed me up again and that I won't see a regular AF until July? UGH! This is insane... I tell ya, I should have invested in pads and tampons in this market at this rate! LOL
I hope things are well with you and you and your DH are able to try another round soon enough! Thanks again!

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