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Dark Brown/Black Thick Discharge Week Before Period Due. What Is It?

My husband and have been trying to conceive for a couple months. Ever since I stopped my b/c back in December I have had spotting/light bleeding a week before my period starts and then it turns into a normal period flow for about 3 days.

This time it's a little different. Instead of a pinkish/brown color it is dark brown... almost black and kind of clumpy. It only lasted for 2 days and stopped. I wore a tampon, but probably didn't have to, I could have probably gotten away with an absorbent panty liner. I am due for my period in about 4 days.

My questions are:

1) Should I be worried about this week long spotting issue before my period is due?
2) Since this month it's different, could I be pregnant? (it's going to be hard for me to tell the difference between implantation if I get it and my usual spotting!)
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Hi:) The week long spotting before your period is most likely your body adjusting to not having birth control in it..There is a possibility you could be pregnant. I wonder about the "kind of clumpy" though..In any event, you could test for pregnancy now if you wanted to or you could just use the wait and see method to see if your period does in fact show up...Good luck!
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Would it really take this long to adjust? I thought it was only a couple months of adjustment. I am due for my period on Sunday- would a pregnancy test show positive already?

And maybe "clumpy" wasn't the right word. I guess moreso what tiny blood clots look like. (I know, I know... gross gross!)

I don't feel pregnant at all. No body changes, mood changes, cravings or aversions. I've been watching for them...
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Oh yea..Most women (the lucky ones) go right back to normal whereas it takes other women 3-4 cycles or maybe even more. I know when I removed my Mirena in Oct 2010 (after being on it for 3 yrs), My cycle didn't get regular until December/January. I know it also depends on how long you were on birth control...The clots would lead me to believe that you released an egg but it didn't get fertilized. But you never know with pregnancy. Yes you can test now and get an answer. If you are indeed pregnant it WILL show. If not, don't lose hope. It WILL happen. I've been trying to conceive now for 7 months so I feel your pain:) Make sure you start taking prenatal vitamins, it helps with fertility. BTW symptoms really aren't reliable b/c pregnancy symptoms are almost identical to menstrual symptoms...Good luck girl and I'll keep you in my prayers and hopefully you and I will get pregnant sooner rather than later...lol

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