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Diaper Etiquette

Is it bad etiquette to change your baby's diaper in public?  Now I'm not talking about in a restaurant, at the table or a big ol'smelly dirty diaper, but if I happen to be at the mall and he is wet, is it okay to discretely change him in his stroller??  Or do I need to walk ALL the way down the mall, wait on the elevator, walk to the food court and find the restroom.. them when I'm done, walk all the way back to the store I was at...

It seems so ridiculous to me to have to do all that, but i don't really remember seeing other people changing diapers in public, so I'm guessing it is taboo.. either that, or I when I did see it, I never gave it a second thought.  
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I was going to change Jeremiah in public once...and my husband was like what are you doing?? You have to take him to the bathroom! He doesn't feel comfortable doing that, so for me, I guess I won't be changing him in public...I'm sure some people would be really offended by it, just like breastfeeding, I guess.  It's so ridiculous to me! Oh well....what are ya gonna do? But hey, I mean if you can't get to a restroom, you have every right to change your child where ever you please! Right? lol. And a stroller is pretty private...no one would probably ever notice anyway.
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I will change dd anywhere but the bathroom because of germs.  haha - I could care less about Etiquette.  I do what I want.  BUT I always make sure to cover her privates because there are a lot of creepy people out there (and mall cameras with creepy people watching them).  Sorry I trust no-one :)

When dd was a tiny infant I would change her right on my lap and you know - do the mom thing so nobody could see.
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I totally agree with you about the germs! Those changing tables they have in restrooms freak me out!! I mean do you think everyone puts a changing pad down? how often are they really cleaned? I like going to the mall where they have a Motherhood to nurse or change him...they are so nice about it and it's discreet as well!
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I think that in the stroller is perfectly acceptable. That looks discreet--not like youre completely out in the open for all to see.
Lol last week at CHURCH I saw a lady change her baby on her lap right in the middle of a talk!! I chuckled a little to myself. It didn't offend me, but I thought it was kinda funny and not quite right in the middle of church!! Lol
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Haha...what a funny topic.  I am always one to cover my boys privates...however I HATE those changing stalls.  I am the "change the diaper in the back of the SUV mom"....or back seat before we get to the mall.  I dont think anything is wrong with changing a diaper in front of people, but I know some others get weirded out so I try to minimize it.  Something I will not do is change him in a restaurant, one of my frineds did that and it just felt awkward because it is where people eat.
Oh geez...okay I am actually guilty of changing in public, just remembered this.  On a flight to hawaii when he was 2 1/2 months old I changed him twice on my lap...no poo though!  I just couldnt imagine the airplane bathroom....it is crowded when it is only me in there.
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this is funny, we have all had moments we didnt want to walk all the way here or there to change the baby.  i keep a blanket specific for changing tables in my diaper bag with extra plastic grocery bags to put it in after i change addison and i keep disinfectant wipes too lol.  i watched a show on the nasty things you can find on there!! i try to do it in my car as well but you never know!! addison likes to poop right after a diaper change and when you enter a store, that stinker!
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As long as it is discreet and doesn`t "contaminate" other surfaces than your own, like a stroller, the car etc., I think it is perfectly fine. Just like nursing in public, you can always cover up or find a less public area.
Gee, this brings back one memory... I had to change my son`s diaper once on, or rather beside a playground. He was all fine but to dispose of it I had to reach a dumpster behind some shrubs and pine trees. I thought I could take a shortcut and jumped across a shrub, only to fall on the other side - right into that diaper. I learned two things: never run with a diaper in hand, never go to the park with office clothing and pumps...I still have a scar on my wrist from that day. Diapers and wounds don`t go together well either. Duh!
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Funny, I was just wondering about this the other day myself. I was out and my dd (8 months) was wet and I did not want to walk back to the car or restroom. So I made sure she was covered and changed her super quick. They only thing is, she is sooo wiggly! It is hard because she sits up and moves and it is hard to be discreet that way. I also wondered if it was 'not the thing' to do, but like cantwait, I do what I want:) I don't care as long as there are not any weirdo's hanging around or in a position to see. I do it at the beach too, right out in the open on our towel. Poopy is a different story, since It can be messy and my dd wiggles. I usually go back to the car and change her on a seat or in the back.
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I leave my baby in the stroller all the time.  I don't take them in the bathroom unless absolutely necessary.

Of course once they hit a certain age....like 2, it's different.  But a baby....sure.

Stroller is fine.  I don't think any mothers would give it a second thought if they saw you doing that.
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Sounds like some do it, some don't, but everyone wants to... lol

And to be honest with you, my jacob has the cutest little tushy.. If anybody accidently got a glimps of it, it would just make their day that much better :)  I know it always makes me smile. :)  
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i always changed edward when and when he needed to be changed. i don't think anyone should have a problem with a person changing a diaper in public unless its a poop and extra smelly. haha. i have used the changing tables in the bathrooms once or twice for poops, but similar to perty, i carry a travel size clorix anywhere spray, a specific receving blanket and a plastic bad for the blanket when im finished. i have also changed him in the car, on a blanket on the grass at a park and in the stroller, although that proved to be extremely difficult. if we are visiting someones house, i sometimes ask if theres a room i could use, if we are not very friendly with them, but at houses of friends and families, i just put his blanket on the floor and change him right there while we are talking. i really dont think its a big deal at all and if anything, itd the people who dont have kids and dont know much about kids who will take offense. anyone with a child i think would understand. you do what you want! its your right as a mommy :o)
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depends on where we are. at a small local zoo, parents had their kids spread out on benches left and right, so i joined in. the benches were right outside the restroom that had a changing station, but eeww... On a previous trip i HAD to use the changing station due to a lovely breastmilk poop explosion, but i keep disposable changing table pads in my diaper bag.

on the boardwalk i was able to change her standing up on a bench. that is a great trick i picked up working with kids. obviously the baby has to be big enough to support her weight, and it doesn't work for poop. since most of her shirts are a little longer, it wasn't very obvious and not much was viewable.

when we're on the road, i change her laying or standing on the backseat of my car before we go in to the rest area for lunch.
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I know I'm giddy from lack of sleep, but its generally only considered bad manners if you take a heavily soiled diaper, and pretend like you are making a free throw at the trash can 30 feet away.  

Missing the shot and hitting an innocent bystander was bad manners when my children were small, and I contend that it still is, to this day.

And I'll stand by that statement.
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If I know it is just potty I will change Noah in his stroller, no one can see what you're doing, but if it's a huge load I go to my  car or the bathroom . I'm more worried about how messy the change could end up being that offending people. My thought is if it bugs other people they don't have to look, same thing with breastfeeding in public. I'm sorry if my son is hungry and I don't want to go sit in a dirty bathroom. I always covered Noah up when I nursed but I still got so many dirty looks.
I don't get why people cant be more understanding.
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peek you werent the one making the free throw were you? lol    i just hate seeing dirty diapers in the parking lot, now THAT grosses me out.

i agree hannah my addy  has my big badunkadunk and i love every inch of it lol
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It is so gross when ppl don't dispose properly of their baby's diaper. I hate it too!

There are always a few lying around the porta potty and parking lot of the beach we got to for Madelyn's swim lessons. ICK! Nobody wants to be the one to pick them up, especially after they have been there a while.

As for bum, Little Jordana has none :( They are just little flat biscuits, her older sis got the chunky sweet rolls, lol! But now she is three, not little enough to quite squeeze anymore. They are still cute though :)

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ewww - oh disposal of diapers - lets just say I used to live (grew up) in a neighborhood in Philadelphia that went from being very nice to Section 8 and nothing but trash - the taxpayers left and that place now is gross.  People throw diapers out the window into trashcans below.  Two houses away - I remember that being a huge turning point for my parents to move.  
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Ladies...I am proud to say I changed Jeremiah today at the mall in his stroller...in public!! lol.  I told my mom I am NOT putting him on the changing table...the kind they had at my mall are soooo gross. icky! Then he went poopy...and mind you he is not quite 4 months and it's not all that bad...yet. So I went into a fitting room and they had big chairs in the middle of the fitting room (no benches in the actually fitting room) so I put his changing pad down and changed him right there...and put his diaper in these little blue bags that I got at Babiesrus....they smell soooo good! I take them everywhere in case he goes and I can't get to a garbage can right away. It was great not having to take him all the way back out to the car!! I am so proud of myself....I honestly don't care what people think anymore...it's my child...and if someone has a problem...they don't have to watch. lol. You ladies boosted my confidence today. Thanks! hehe. =)
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I completely agree with the other posters......no one wants to walk all the way to the other end of the mall just to encounter germs...stick to the stroller:)
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next time I'm at the mall, I'm going for it!!!  

Seriously, I society has gone way too far behind closed doors.. what is more natural than feeding and changing your baby!!  

Next time I see a mommy changing her baby in public, I'm gonna giver her a big'ol'smile of approval :o)
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I totally chnage my baby in his stroller in public. I do however have a rather larger problem, my 4 year old (special needs) is not completely potty trained yet and occasionally we have to change him whilst we are out, mostly we do it in the car but it get's a bit tricky if we are no where near the car. I have yet to come across any "disabled" rest room that provides a change table large enough for a disabled child and so I often end up having to lie him on the floor...yuck!
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