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Gestational Diabetes

Hi ladies once again!! hope everyone is doing well..

Well about a week ago I posted that my one hour glucose test came back a few points high. I did do the 3 hour and they were "borderline" My first draw before the glucose drink but after fasting was 95 and it should be that or less so they considered that abnormal, and then the others were like 3 points under, 5 pojnts under, and like 11 points under.

They decided to have me do the diet and excerise. The guy called to set up an appointment yesterday and they said it was going to be a 2 hour class, and between work and school right now it's hard to get in there with the times they have open. He said he would call back to see if he can get me in for a much shorter meeting.

Until this time does anyone know what I should/shouldn't be eating? I try to eat healthy and it's hard right now with the sugar because I crave chocolate so bad! I just don't know what I'm supposed to eat and how much. They say stay away from sugars and carbs, but how much is ok at one meal? And am I supposed to be excersing or atleast walking around for a few minutes after I eat?

If anyone has had gestationa diabetes or any info I would appreciate it. I tried looking on the net but you can only find so much info! thanks ladies God bless!
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I was borderline as well. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and stay away from white sugars, fruit, and carbs, even some dairy. Just eat a small serving of fruit and carbs a day, and maybe a piece of cheese and a glass of milk,  but make sure you eat plenty of protien to counter act it. This and 30 minutes of excercise a day. Watch out for dizzyness, faintness, and of course black spots in your vision.

I am sure you will be fine!!

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Ok you have me concerened now.. :/ I actually have been feeling sick today. Last night at work (I have a standing job) I got very dizzy and had to wipe my eyes to kinda get my vision back on track. Then this mornin I got woke up just from being so dizzy in my sleep and kind of have remained this way throughout the day. the dr's told me to eat and I did, and I don't feel 100% better. That's another reason I posted that question was because maybe I'm just not eating right. I used to eat a whole lot of fruits in the beginning of this pregnancy and then that went away. I've craved chocolate now..I know bad... But I do drink apple juice every morning with my toast, and have a banana do you think this is bad? And also this may sound so stupid but what kind of dairy things should I stray from? I had no clue dairy products can cause problems. And how does eating protein counter act everything? I've never been in this situation before. Ooooh and also I saw the black spots last night and some today what exactly is that a sign of? I thought just because I was hot and dizzy, i've never fainted before and certainly hope I dont! Thanks!
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Please see a DR. If you have first class diabetes you need to be monitored almost every other day when pregnant.
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I am just borderline...I don't even know all the terms. I just found out I had this. Im waiting on a call back from the Dr's office for a meeting with a dietician and my Dr won't see me being I have an appointment Thursday i tried today! They just said if it gets wrose to go to the hospital.... I wish they would have let me come in.
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I was borderline last pregnancy you have to be really strict with your food its horrible especially when your pregnant all you crave is bad food. I avoided chocolate which I badly craved had no takeaways basically like your on weight watchers. I remember eating corn and cheese toasie and some potatoes and that made my reading out of control. Fruit juices and bananas have alot of sugar. I found a roast meat meal good a few potato chips were fine certain fruits like apples were ok weetbix with low GI yoghurt and the grainest breads were good its a very boring diet but worth it in the end I found once I got into my last month of pregnancy it was worse and probably should of been on insulin. Good luck you usually see a dietition and they will let you know what to eat I get tested for gd in a few weeks for my current pregnancy i'm hoping I dont have it again but at least it can be controlled the only excercing I did was walking.
Hope all goes good for you all the best.
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I had Gestational and had a very strict diet plus a monitor to use at home 5x/day to test my blood level. They rent you the monitor and you use these little strips with one tiny drop of blood (stick your finger, ouch). Anyway the tricky thing with eating for GD is that simple carbohydrates turn into sugars in your blood. So while of course you don't want to be eating 'sugar' you really have to do other stuff too. For instance breakfast cereal, even oatmeal, low-sugar stuff--instantly turns into sugar. White breads do too etc. You need complex carbos (whole grain) and you need to always combine protein in every meal (eggs, cheese, meat, nuts). You get dizzy if you spike too high. I don't know why if you are 'border' line they don't just give the monitor so you can do the diet and KNOW if you are okay. BTW my baby was only 7 lbs (even though the scarey u/s people told us he was 12 lbs the day before he was born--and no, they didn't refund when they were SOOO wrong).
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Another good thing to look at is the content on the food packet
I was told to look at how much total sugar per 100grs and how much total fat per 100grs. It was best to eat foods that were less than 10gs of fat per 100grs and 10grs of sugar per 100grs or even better if they are less than 5grs which isnt that easy especially when chocolate has about 30 or 40grs of each.
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I had gestiational diabetes in my 5th pregnancy.  I was put on a strict diet of 40 grams of carbs for breakfast and 60 grams each for lunch and dinner.  If necessary, I could have a snack of 15 gm. of carbs in between.  It was a lot of label reading I even bought a book of the most popular restaurants and fast food places that told me the carb counts of their foods.  If I really needed a treat, I would have a 15 gram amount of a treat for my snack.  I found a lot of things like no sugar flavored waters, sugar free jello, even some of the jello puddings are sugar free or have a 15 gram carb count. This would give you your chocolate!  I ended up gaining only 24 pounds and had a 6lb. 5 ounce baby.  I had already been exercising, but they did tell me I had to continue this too.  Good luck, It was really hard at first, but I got used to it fast.  It's worth it to feel good and have a healthy baby!
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