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Gestational Diabetes

I had go and take my 3 hour glouce test because I did not pass the 1 hour.  Should get results back today.  What kind of diet do they put you on and how long do you have to let the diet work before they put you one shots.  I don't understand how my sugar can be that high.  When I got pregnant I cut out most of my soda drinking and sugar snacks.  I will be hard for me to go on a restrited diet right now because me SIL lives with us and between the two of us there are 5 kids and 3 adults in the house and I just can't see everyone eating what I eat.  It will be a challange.  Anybody else with gestational diabetes please give me your input and what to expect.  Thanks in advance.  By the way I am 24w4d.

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Don't worry about it until you know for sure.  I failed the 1 hour test with my son and passed the 3 hour test just fine.  Good luck!
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I am a daibetic and just had my baby 3 months ago.  I followed my dieticians orders and I managed my sugar well and I had a healthy baby boy.  I know you can do it...remember its not the sugar that u should worry about, its how many carbs u eat every meal.
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I'm with both of the above posts. Like crrriter I also failed the one hour and had to do the 3 hour and passed. And as far as the post before me shes right, it's all about the carbs is what they told me!! Good luck and I hope you passed. Sorry I don't have any info as far as what the diets are like.
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I failed the one hour test as well but passed the three hour test.  The doctor told me that a lot of women fail the one hour test.  Then why not bypass the one hour and do three hour to begin with?
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I had gestational diabetes with my son who is now 15 months, gestational diabetes is effected by sugar, but also carbohydrates, you monitor your meal portions, eat more whole wheat products, and count carbs, you wouldn
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I had gest diabetes and controlled it just fine with my diet. The biggest thing that made my blood sugars high was when i would eat out. Every single time I ate out at restaurants it was high.

You pretty much have to limit portions and watch carbs. I ate sandwiches for lunch and small portions of our dinner and mine was fine.

My doctor told me that about like 60% of people that fail the one hour pass the 2 hour. My first 4 pregnancies I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour. My last preg I failed both.
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I failed both of my 1 hrs.  my 1st pg I also failed the 3 hr.  I followed a diabetic diet in moderation.  Watch out for carbs that is what gets you.  Also watch out, just because it says it is sugar free does not mean it is low in carbs--that stuff is usually very high carb.  Good snacks--cheese, peanuts, pork rinds (if you like).
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I too failed the one hour test and passed the three hour. They told me to drink more water and stay clear of a high carb diet. No more french toast or spaghetti for me! My faced swelled up a bit, particullarly my nose, but I was fine and so was my baby, weighing a  healthy 8lb 11oz!

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