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Gestational Diabetes

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes about 2-3 weeks ago. I had it with my son (he's almost 4). With my son, my blood sugar levels were under control (with diet) until almost the end. I was induced 2 days before my EDD because they went out of control. He was 9lbs 10oz and 21&3/4in long. We know that the reason he was big was because of the GD.

This time my sugar levels started off pretty good but for the past week or so my blood sugar levels have gone a little out of control. I have an OB appointment on Friday so I will show him and see what he has to say.

My question is those that have had GD, and were put on insulin, did you take pills or did you have to give yourself a needle. Any information on GD and taking insulin would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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I have a question for you about GD. Was your sugar high or low? With my 1 hr test it was low, and now I need to go for the 3 hour. I didn't know if it was common to have low blood sugar for GD.
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My sugar was high. I think for you to have GD it has to be high. I had high levels with the 1 hour so then I had to go and have the 3 hour test done. I think the reason you are probably going to have the 3 hour test done is to make sure that you don't have low blood sugar levels all the time. Low levels are probably not a good thing either.

Maybe you could do a search for low blood sugar levels during pregnancy. You might be able to come up with some information on it.
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i had gd with the last 2 of my 3 preg.  i was taking glyburide for both, which controlled my bs very well.  i tried with my diet, and it didn't help.  with my last preg i was on the verge of needing insulin, but became very, very strict with anything i ate, and was able to go on without insulin.  my ds (2nd preg) was 7lb 13oz and delivered via csection at exactly 39 wks.  my dd (3rd preg) is three weeks old today and was 7lbs 9oz.  she was delivered via csection at 37wks 3days.  she had some bs issues when she was born, but that was because they did an emergency csection 2wks early d/t a lot of problems both she and i were having.  i had taken my medication that morning, went for my nst, and ended up going in for the delivery that day.  so, i wasn't allowed to eat ALL DAY!  had i known i would deliver that day i would not have taken my meds.
if you do go on an oral med, like glyburide, keep snacks by your bed.  while they were trying to find an appropriate dose for me to take i had many nights of low bs (lowest was like 43).  so we kept graham crackers by the bed always, and invested in a small fridge for the room for my milk and oj.  we have a two story and dh is a heavy sleeper.  it took awhile to wake him up and then i was scared he would fall down the stairs trying to get me something.  i felt so shaky there was no way i would be able to go down myself.  good luck to you and your little one.  i hope i helped some.
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Thank you for the advice and information. Hopefully I will find out more on Friday at my OB appt.
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With my 1st I was borderling and diet controlled but with this baby I was insulin dependant. It wasn't a big deal once I got the hand of injecting myself. The crazy thing is that even with the insulin my sugars weren't controlled totally. Good luck.
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I was on insulin and used a flex-pen. Very easy. It's of course a scary thought to give yourself injections but they actually hurt less then the fingersticks. You can adjust the amount yourself (if my morningnr. was high I would add 2 units the next morning etc.) Even so, when eating the same amount/food 4 days in a row my numbers would always be different.
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I just talked to my grandfather, who is diabetic, he thinks that the dr will put me on a pill of somesort first. I can't remember what he said he was on but he figures that the dr won't put me on that kind, it's too harsh on the stomch (or something like that).

Again, thanks everyone for the advice and informations!!
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I have had gd with both my pregnancies my blood sugars can get really low before meals then shoot up high after certain foods. With the glucose test you fail if your numbers are high never heard of failing if your numbers are low. I have had to have c sections at 38 weeks I controlled my gd by diet only but found from about 36 weeks the numbers start going out of wack good luck.
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My numbers kept rising until 34w and then started to drop, probably because the placenta was getting older and not working very well anymore. Suddenly my numbers made dips of 65 and I had to drink juice very quick and lower the insulin every day. See me there with my GD and a glass of cranberry juice? LOL!
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