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Happy Ending Stories to Share? Blighted Ovum, Sac Measuring Small

Hi, I'm probably reading stories/accounts on the internet TOO MUCH at this point, but it's probably part of healthy coping of a loss, too--seeking a little hope and maybe distracting one's self at the same time.  MY STORY:  I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at my 7w6d appointment.  They also said my sac was measuring 5w5d, nice gestational sac but no sign of yolk sac or fetal pole.  I have pregnancy sx - increasing nausea, actually, and no signs thus far of spotting, bleeding, cramping, etc. (typical signs of miscarriage).  I am hanging in until 10wks, when my doctor suggested we do a scan again to confirm the dx, but wanted to know:  Of those of you out there who had a mis-diagnosed B.O., and found viable little guys in there afterall... any ideas how to explain the initial growth slow growth?   (most accounts reveal that baby "catches back up" by 20 weeks)...  Tech kept saying our dates might be off, but we are SURE, let's just leave it at that, and i was also sure of date for my LMP.  Of the babies that start out obviously growing more slowly than the "standard," are these babies born perfectly normal, with no higher risk of mental or physical defects?  I can't help but wonder, even if our baby really IS at this point (I try not to pray for a particular outcome but can't help but feeling hopeful), are there other risks to be concerned about later?  Anyone have one of those great "not so blighted ovum" stories who is comfortable talking in detail about their child's development post partum?  In the more sad event that we lost our baby right around the projected 5w5d mark as dr. predicts, I am 9 weeks now.  Any predictions or advice re: when I should show signs of decreasing symptoms and/or actual miscarriage?  Every hour feels like a hundred while waiting.  Anyone who has been through it probably knows that feeling.  I know all bods are different, but even personal accounts or guesses might help pass the time and ease some of my excruciating worry and wonder.  I am choosing to waitwaitwaitwaitwait if we are miscarrying, want this to happen natural, no D&C unless absolutely medically indicated.  Thanks so much.  What a great and supportive forum.
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I don't think that was the answer you were looking for....you've probably found most of that info in your obsessive research (I know, I've been in a similar place as you - ectopic pregnancy). I think what you are looking for is hope and encouragement.

I don't know much about blighted ovums except they are fairly rare and it is unlikely to happen again. Now as far as dating your ovulation and such goes - I too KNOW when I ovulated, but it still takes time for the egg to actually be released, meet up with sperm, and swim on down the tubes to actually implant and start producing detectable hormones. According to my ovulation dates, I am measuring a week behind. I am now 17 weeks and still measuring a week behind my original dates. But considering I have measured this way for 17 weeks now and the baby is fine, looking and behaving like a 17 week old fetus - all is ok here. So, there is a possibility of being a week or so behind and all being fine. You do mention being about 2 weeks behind. I know you said you KNOW when it happened, but HOW do you know? That might account for a few more days.

Now, I also should mention that if it really is a blighted ovum, there is nothing there to support proper growth of a child - if in fact it is a blighted ovum, the pregnancy will not last.

I DO appreciate your wait and see approach. Don't give up until you KNOW it's time to give up. That's what I did with the ectopic pregnancy and I don't regret it. I did have to take action to end the pregnancy and that's a tough thing to do. However, my dr let me wait until I was ready and gave me every assurance that it was not going to work out.  And if your dr does suggest or highly reccomend ending the pregnancy and NOT waiting it out for weeks and weeks, it might be in your best interest - discuss your options with your dr and together make the best decisions possible.

If your dating is off, this could possibly work out. If your dating is not off, I can't provide much hope for this pregnancy. But know that there can and will be other ones. It took me over 2 years to get an ectopic pregnancy - then only 3 months of waiting and 1 month of trying to have a healthy pregnancy. Your time can and will come. Be patient, trust the Lord, pray often, and don't lose faith.
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Sorry for your lost hopeful Baby!Ill explain the medical issues causing abortion and answer your question.Miscarriage or a presence of a blighted ovum occurs when there is a spontaneous abortion which medically means the abortion occurring before 20 th week of gestation where the growth stage is ceased and viability or regression is almost impossible.
Spontaneous abortions occurs during First trimester which leads to loss of fetus.It is characterized with fluid surrounding the small macerated fetus or no fetus with viability as there is necrosis of the tissue due to hemorrhage in the decidua basalis.This causes spontaneous uterine contractions leading to expulsion of the baby which happened when you lost the baby.
The history is always related both due to paternal-maternal and fetal factors.Age,infections(STDs),Hyperthyroidism,diabetes milletus,hypertension,SLE,DES anomaly,Hypoplastic uterus,scarring and previous abdominal surgery,Blood group incompatibility,HLA antigen,malnutrition of mother,Psychology,drug abuse,direct or indirect posibble trauma during accidents or surgery.
Fetal Factors include Abnormal Zygotic development due to embryonic disorganisation which leads to death of fetus,chromosomal abnormalities like euploidy and aeuploidy leading to abnormal no of chromosomes in the fetus ,say sperm(s)fertilizing with empty ovum,embryo converting into epitheloid tumor-Choriocarcinoma,invasive mole-Malignant embryo tumor.
As many factors are associated with spontaneous abortions are actually very difficult to manage to save the fetus.So talk in more details to your Doc to analyze the exact cause for your lost pregnancy which will certainly help you to raise hopes about the next baby and plan for it.Even though every factor causing abortion do not have a clear explanation why it causes death but they are mostly easy to estimate and manage further pregnancies.So D&C is medically indicated only when there is a natural cause that led to abortion.So it is quite natural and you need not worry about this.Because you are a bit responsible for previous medical conditions.So evaluate and plan.After all Docs recommend removal of fetus just to give you a hope for next pregnancy.Its not intentional homicide by you or medical expertise.Please take care of such emotions.I can understand your situation.Im sorry if Im a bit rude.
Regarding the subsidence of symptoms-Ovulation resumes as early as two weeks mostly,surge of LH and increase in progesterone,normal ovulation after this.Medically Lowering of B-hCG levels returning to normal <1mU/ml and relief from all the symptoms of Morning sickness and pregnancy,involution of the uterus to normal,all the anatomical and physiological changes return to normal all over the body,changes to normal psychology other than pregnancy related.Its hard to explain every thing in detail here.But there is a possibility of Recurrent abortion depending on the factor caused previous one.So contraception is advised.OCPs and cyclic contraception,condoms are mostly advised.Talk to your Doc what is best for your case and how long to be used.

If you need more details,Ill try my best to help you.Fell free to contact me on email-vedadhar_bimba***@**** or personal messages in this forum.Finally,there are a lot more hopes for your next pregnancy,Evaluate well,Plan well,Manage well-Wish you ALL THE BEST.
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