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Introducing Rice Cereal.......Constipation??

New here girls......figured might as well join this community now since I have had my little one.

Heres my question. I have an 11 week old daughter who is drinking WAY too much formula. She wants 6 ounces every 2 hours. I just got off the phone with DH and he said she drank 6 and then wanted another 2!!

I called the doctor and they told me to introduce rice cereal, a couple of teaspoons in her bottles. She also said that this could cause Sarah to get constipated and to watch that.

So, my question is.....I want to be  prepared if she gets constipated?? WHat can I give her for that? Is she too little to mix juice and water to give to her?? Is rice cereal the best for her at this stage......I know that she is taking in too much fluid for an 11 week old....and doc says its time for rice cereal, that  it will keep her fuller..but Im just nervious about it and dont want to make her uncomfortable with constipation!!

Any ideas, tips, advice???


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First, I have some questions.
Is she growing appropriately?  Is she far above the weight percentile for her height?  Is this a sudden change in appetite?  Does she eat every 2 hours day and night?  Is she uncomfortable?  

I'm wondering if she's truly hungry, or if she's simply fussy with teething, or colicky (incidently, they can get colicky from too much formula).  Bottle fed babies will often times scarf down formula, hungry or not, if it is offered.   A slower flow nipple might help her slow down just a little--she may be gulping it down so fast she doesn't realize she's full.

I'm not in favor of cereal in a bottle at any time, and especially not in an 11 week old baby.  Rice cereal has virtually no nutritional value.  Its a filler.  It may reduce her intake of formula, which is what her brain and body needs to grow.   Her body may be going through a growth spurt, and it may be wise to let her self regulate how much formula she takes in, much the way that breast fed babies do.  

Her little body is not ready for cereal quite yet, so constipation may be a real, uncomfortable issue.  Cereal is not usually given until 4-6 months of age.  And not in a bottle--its simply given as a taste on a spoon, more for texture experimentation and tasting fun.  
She should not be given fruit juice until after 6 months.  And then diluted.

I'm sure you will get other points of view.  Its a hot topic with varied opinions.  The American Academy of Pediatrics says no cereal until 4-6 months, unless there are severe, confirmed diagnosed cases of reflux or swallowing issues.  In these cases, there is a premixed thickened formula or thickening agent that is recommended.  

That's just my 2 cents.  Good luck, and welcome to the community!
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Hello. I believe she is in the 85th percentile for her weight, 75th for her height. She is approximately 13.5 pounds right now. She sleeps anywhere from 6-9.5 hours at night straight without eating. It just seems to be during the day that she wants it allthe time. I have noticed, esp last night...that she is almost pushing the nipple to the side and nawing on it......she also acts like she watns the bottle, you give it to her..she gets frustrated shaking her head back and forth..then repeats....wants it...doesnt want it.

I guess she is just confusing me. I have rubbed my finger on her gums and I cant feel anything< I thought it may be teething..and of course that is a possibility.

I am very leary about giving her rice cereal this early......

I guess I am just at a loss of what to do!!
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I am pretty surprised that her ped told you to give her cereal already. Peek is right, it really has no nutritional value and it may fill her up too much, stopping her from getting nutrients she needs from formula. A lot of babies eat for comfort, just like adults.

I would try Peeks idea of a slower flowing nipple and not offer a bottle every time she is fussy. Try other things to calm her down, change her scenery, go for a walk, maybe she just wants to suck for comfort, if that's the case, give her a nook.

Good Luck!
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She is on the slow flow nipples...so I dont think thats what it is...

as for the nook/pacifier....she cannot keep it in on her own..it has to be held in......its like she doesnt want it??
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My son never took a nook either so I understand that. He would go through phases of wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME, he would do the same thing, shake his head, get frustrated, like he didn't know what he wanted (very painful while nursing lol )

How long has this been going on that she is eating so much?
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Well, I guess 6 ounces is a bit high the doc said..but he said if shes keeping it down shes probably happy.....

she has been drinking that much for about a month and a half now......the wanting to eat all the time has been going on for a good week.
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Obviously the decision is yours but I think she is fine and I dont think the cereal is a good idea. She isn't overweight, her height is in line with her weight, I think she is just a hungry girl.

I dont know what is the norm for how much babies that age should eat since I didn't give Noah a bottle until he was 10 months old but I really think he ate almost that much at three months. I produced a lot of milk and he would empty me out every couple hours.

She is absolutely adorable by the way!!!!
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Thanks girl! Shes my little princess! (Her name means princess too!)....

I know..I am very skeptical about doing it.....I dont want her to get all messed up....and I know it has no nutritional value which makes me wonder....and constipation.....not being able to have juice ot fix it......i would feel awful!!!

I think I am going to try and hold off......wait til she is atleast in the age requirement for it...

someone mentioned the oatmeal cereal too...and that just seems like its an even worse idea......shes not ready to digest something liket hat!!!

Im just so at a loss of what to do...i dont wnat her to be starving all the tiem if thats whats going on!
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I don't think there is anything wrong with giving her as much as she wants to eat during the day.  That is actually what you are supposed to do since she is sleeping through the night without eating.  It sounds to me like she is going through a growth spurt.  She may also be using the bottle as a soothing mechanism.  I would just continue to give her what she wants to eat as long as she's gaining the appropriate amount of weight.  As they get older they slow down on the formula.  I remember Jayden was a few weeks old and he went through 4-5 oz. in a bottle.  But he was growing and needed it.  I wouldn't be too concerned and I would hold out on the cereal.  Especially the rice, it will constipate her and perhaps cause more digestive problems.  Their digestive systems are still very immature and it may cause more harm then good.  
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Thanks hun! Yea.....i am going to try and hold out on her until she goes for her 4 month appt at the beginning of June...then maybe discuss it with the doctor....

I remember when she was just a couple weeks old and I was feeding herlike 4 oz. The doc said it was steep but if she was keeping it down than she must just be a hungry little girl! So...going to try and stick itout and just give her what she wants!
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hey no worries that much ....as long as u give her slow flow nipples , paci and other ways to comfort her and still wants more formula so give it to her..pribably she may be going thru growthh spurt..so listen to her and ur instinct....hey sweetheart u arent going mess her up she is perfectly perfect and absolutely faboulus on her height and weight my son was 13.5 ibs at three months 28 oz evry 24 hrs ..and he was 75 percentile and suddenlyt at 4 months he needed 7/8 oz every 3to 4 hrs ..and i had a hard time to hold him a paci for him until he calms ...and after 4 months he gets 32 oz every 24 hrs until now and i introduced solid at 6 months 3 weeks ago...and when i went for his chekup at 6 monts he was 22 ibs 76 cm and very healthy ...but after 4 months i had a hard time to feed him  evey time to feed him a 5 oz formula he takes 2 to 3 and turn his head away so take advantage of this phase she may be changed suddenly next week ....
hey which ever way trust ur instinct ...try to comfort her when cries for formula  but count how much she gets ....but please kdont give cereal constipation the main problem and she may lose her appetite gradually as she fills full all the time ...and dont let her pass her phase unnaturally hey dont worry she isnot going need 6oz all the time she will be changed for sure if not u will feed her more solide in the future if that is the case other than that give what her body wants..i remember worrying all night about my son having a lot of formula and will be overweight ....worring iabout everything s very natural for momies
any way let us know...what happen
good luck sleep enough
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The best homemade remedy that I KNOW works (for constipation) is mixing 2 ounces of luke warm water with 2 tsps of DARK Karo syrup.  And it has to be the dark and not the light.  It works great.  It will take a few hours most likely, but you will get results.  My old ped gave this remedy to me and it has never failed with any of my 5 kids.  What I like about it is that it is subtle and won't give the baby diarrhea but will help them go and relieve them.
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Cereal should NEVER be placed in a bottle!!!!!
but it does have iron so it will cause constipation

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