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Is My Eggo, Preggo?

Hello everyone! Well first I want to say, I am new here! I look through these forums all the time though. I love it when I see people posting YEARS at a time when they start off saying, "Ill never be pregnant" to recent posts saying, "My three kids..." I love to watch people grow on these things and I thought it would be neat if I did that too :)

So here is my question! I am 19, married, and had been off birth control for a little over a month now. I am currently SIX days late (I get more excited each day that passes!) and from last night, my nipples are super sensitive XD But only my nipples. Every day though I have been taking a test, and all negative :(
So I have to ask, what do you think is the possibility of me being pregnant? And I would LOVE to hear some stories and questions of your own!

Thanks everyone!
(Ill keep yall updated each day!)
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It's very possible you could be pregnant. However, it's also possible that it could just be your body re-regulating itself from being on the birth control. If you're late, take a pregnancy test with first morning urine. Good luck!!! If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to message me about anything. :)
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Some women don't get a positive pregnancy test for a week or so after their missed period (and very rarely they don't get one at all but that is VERY rare). You can see your health care provider for a blood test...blood tests don't give false results :)
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Okay guys, it is officially June 29th, 2011, now 7 days late! Took another test this morning and only one line again :( Negative. Finally had the guts last night to tell my husband. He was very supportive :)
Nipples still hurt, craving burritos (not too sure if that is a symptom) but yeah! (Then again, as a woman I crave everything everytime lol)
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UPDATE: June 29th, 2011. (7 Days Late)
Well I think I might just make this my pregnancy diary! (If im not now, I have to be sometime right)
Anywho, here is a little more info on my symptoms!
All month I have been experiencing discharge like CRAZY. So bad that I think im having my period, but is just discharging
A couple of weeks ago (dont really know) I whipped once and saw a tiny little dot of blood. That was the end of it. I thought at first maybe I was getting my period early, because I always spot before my period. But besides that tiny little dot, nothing else has happened.
My nipples! Oh my god my nipples! Past two day have been soooo tender to the touch. My husband thinks it funny to touch them cause I yelp.
Just recently, a little stabbing pains in my boobs. There not sore (besides the nipples) but every now and then Ill get a stabbing pain.
Im salivating all the time! And most of the time, im not even hungry! Okay, thats a lie, im always hungry (but thats normal lol)
Anywho! Thats it for now. Ill post more tomorrow when I take another test! (PS: I just bought another ten pack off ebay for ONE DOLLAR/FREE SHIPPING. How kick *** is that?)
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UPDATE: June 30, 2011 (8 Days Late)
Hello everyone! Well I am now 8 days late, but I ran out of pee tests so now I just have to wait lol. Good news is, no negative! Butttt... no positive either XD
So Ill have to wait for that 10 pack for a few days, the latest it say it can get here is August 2nd! I think ill know by then though. Ill keep yall posted!
Well I think the sensitivity in my nipples have toned down... then my cat scratched it D:
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UPDATE: (July 1st, 2011) 9 Days Late
Hello everyone again! Nothing really has changed from symptoms or bleeding. Just thought Id write a little something so you all would know. Hmmm, I am mighty hungry lately but I always get that way before my period. everything seems to point to either my period coming, or my eggo preggo. Thanks for all the support everyone! Ill try and take a test either today or tomorrow :) A good one!
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