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Ketone Content in Urin

What is the implication when Ketone content in uring of a pregnant mother is more?
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I had early contractions and they always said that I had ketones in my urine.  They always told me that it meant I needed to eat.  Are you eating?  I had a tendency to go too long without eating.
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Ketones in the urine can signify a problem with your blood sugar.  I have gestational diabetes and have to check my ketones regularly.  If you have high ketones, then your baby could have problems regulating it's blood sugar after it is born.  This is not life threatening, just something they need to monitor right after the baby is born to make sure he/she is regulating their blood sugar okay on their own.  How far along are you?  Have you had the glucose tolerance test yet?  If you haven't been checked for gestational diabetes, and you are concerned, then you should make sure you are checked.  They usually do this around 28 weeks or so.  I've done alot of reading and research on gestational diabetes, so if you want more info, feel free to message me privately.

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