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Loss of blood

With my first child I had to have an emergency C-setion. During which I lost quite a bit of blood and had to have a transfusion. We are not considering our second child, our first will be two in Jan. The only thing stopping me is that I am scared I will loose more blood. My great grandmother died during birth due to this. What are the chances of me loosing blood again?
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There are many reasons for hemorrhaging during delivery, and most of those reasons would not necessarily be something that would be repeated.  Having said that, they would certainly be vigilant in recognizing any early signs of problems, since you have a past history of bleeding.

Many of our grandmothers and great grandmothers lacked the modern care that we enjoy today, so I wouldn't let what happened to her affect your decision at all.

Your best bet is to see your OBGYN prior to conceiving, to discuss concerns and to get a professional opinion.  
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I also had an emergency c-section, and I did not lose any blood.  So I would suggest that it is not a given that you will hemorrhage if you have a c.  Good luck, talk to your doc about what happened last time, maybe he or she can find something in your records that explains it, and may even learn that it would not necessarily repeat.
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