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Negative test after 2 days of embryo transfer.

Hi, my name is Ana, 32 (in may 16), Brazilian. I have PCOS.

I went through my 4 IVF cycle . My embryo transfer was made on saturday morning. We transfer 2 , Looking good blastocyst, everything was ok. I just felt same cramping but nothing bad. Then I though this time Things will be different.
The Dr. said not to take the pharmacy test , it will be positive because of the HCG injection I did Last saturday(04-26) at 8:00pm, But I couldn't wait. I took this morning and it was negative. Is that possible? It was only 9 days after the HCG injection I suppose it will be positive. Does that same thing happen with anybody here before. Should I call the Dr.?
Hope everybody can understand what I wrote.
Thank you!

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hey hi. I too underwent my first IVF embryo transfer on dec 20th 2007. But yes I know what the 2ww is like. its like going through hell everytime you think of what will happen in the test. Bbut you have to wait for atleast 12days before you get ur upt done. that is because since u were on hcg shots prolly the hcg levels remain until 8-10days of the shots . That is why your preg test will show positive in all cases. inshort let me make things easier for you to understand that if a man is given hcg shots he too willl be shw positive if he gets pregnancy test done . so please wait > lots and lots of baby dust to u and best of luck :) hugs
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hey i forgot to mention to u that i too am a pco condition :P and im 31 too :) so dont worry and be happy and after transfer do not lift anything heavy or do not stress yourself in anyways try to be as happy as possible. The more you think about it and stress yourself the more it has negative effects unfortunately. i tried to keep my mind off it  everytime i was tempted to get the upt done before the scheduled date :) if ur test shows negative go in for a beta hcg test that will confirm ur doubts .
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Thank you for you comment. That help!
I call the Dr assistant and she was very mad becouse of What I did, but told me to be calm and wait, that my hormones is goig to star goig up after the implantation. And I also went to see my acupuncturist , she is the best.
But tel me where are you from?
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hi ana. yes sweety u need to be calm and since i was in the same situation as ur in today I very well understand you excitement. hugs. I am an indian staying in the middle east :) Do as ur dr says. I too waited and waited. for me those 12 days wait period were like 12 years. Do let me know when ur preg is confirmed :) lots and lots of love and baby dust to u and all who ttc
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Thank you, monday is the day. I'll let you know the news!
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sure will definetly wait for the news ... best of luck
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Hi Ana,

I am Brazilian too. I went through my 5 IVF cycle using egg donor.  My embryo transfer was made on Monday, unfortunately I had transfered only 1 because the rest wasn't strong the blastocyst weren't good enouth.

Wo worries about time. Your Dr. is completely right because the pharmacy test sometimes bring some pression for us. My last time was positive using it and I ended up having a negative blood test. Just take your time, and please wait (por favor espere).

My blood test will be on Monday as well!!!

Beijos linda e boa sorte!

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Hi. I'm happy to see a Brazilian here.
But you went through 5 IVF, all of them whit egg donor? Or just this time?
I told the doc. with doesn't  work this time, I would do Donor egg too.
I'm sorry to ask, but where do you leave? I'm From Boston, and go to Boston IVF, I see the same Doc. for about 6 years.
To : All
I've stared spotting yesterday and was pink. I wake up this morning and still there But a little be more, My breasts are still sore, but I think is because of the progesterone suppositories that I am taking. I'm having a lot hurt burn lately, my acupuncturist said is a good sine, I think it was spicy food. I'm still having small cramps.
Hope every thing is fine, my husband comes every night from work but his hands in my Tommy and say... Hi guys dad is home, and  sticky in there daddy already loves you...  That kills me. I really want that to work. I already lobe them too.
Thank to you all.
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Now is late afternoon on sunday and my bleeding is getting worse. I went so see my acupuncturist at noon and she told me to go home and rest. I go to do the blood work tomorrow morning.
Freaking out right now..
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Hello, unfortunately my numbers came out too low 10.8 and the nurse said that I probably had a chemical pregnancy, maybe the embryos implant but it did stay. I really don't know what that means is the first time mine implant. And its been really hard to know that they were here that they did implant and now they are gone. I keep blaming  myself.

I don't know how to deal with that feeling. Is that ever  going to go away?

Please help me!
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It's not your fault you didn't carry the baby. It just wasn't meant to be this time. I am soooo sorry. It will take time but yes it will get better.
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Thank you for the words. I really feel blessed because I found this forum and I found people like you.

It really helped me a lot.

Good night
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hi,I had my first ivf done.now waiting for the results.my embryo transfer was on yesterday ( 24/3/2009).i am going back for blood test on this saturday 28/3/2009.the waiting periods of 2 weeks to confirm about the pregnancy is like few years time..questions keep on spining in my head.what if i failed?
i had day3 embryo transfer.i heard that day5 in blastocyt stage would be better.
by the way, im pcos too.currently am in dubai.hope to hear any news from you.
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hi dear, if u go t other post it says cramps after day 5 transfer 2ww.thats the latest post every one there is new & like u who is 2ww  ,u will see go to that post that will help.1st of all goodluck & baby dust on ur way. .about 3 day verses 5day dosent make any difference.i had experience thats y iam telling u,i had my 1st ivf last month in feb(2009)i had 7 5 day blast,they transfer 1 embroyo they said that one of the best 5 day embroyo,grade was 5AA,with hatching so they transfer only one & gues what report came negative.so it doesnt matter,u just take care .eat good & dringk as much as fluids u can& try to keep ur self busy,dont think any thing specialy no negetivity.good luck lots & lots of baby dust.
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hi,thanks for your reply..u r right..nth i can do now but to keep myself healthy.waiting period really killing me.i can only keep my finger cross and pray that everything goes on well and the two embryos are growing well.
i had my 1st iui on last august,i was lucky enough to get pregnant for the first time..luck doesnt seemed to side me all the time.i had early biochemical miscarriage at 5weeks plus...the first beta reading was very low so dr told me not to put to much hope.but second better inceasing very well..but i had bleeding...from there ended my very first pregnancy.
so u manage to get pregnant?if yes lots of congrats.....if not then keep trying...one day u will be able to hold ur baby in your arm....
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hi dear,
so how r u???2 more day to go,just keep ur self busy in watching good funny movies & all dont stress ur self,try to be happy & bussy.& drink lots of fliuds.i will pray 4 u.&tons & tons of baby dust.
about me no iam not pregnent yet.iam going to try 2nd IVF in april,with frozen embys.right now iam doing accupuncture i heard from lots of people that accu helps to keep u relax,& that what i want.we r trying from last 5,6 years,did 3 IUI didnt work,1-IVF negative.i have stage 1 endometriosis,for which i did leprscopy 3years ago,i have high prolactin for that iam taking medicine.thats all i have rest is perfect,according to my RE if 2nd IVF wont work then she want me to do leproscopy again according to my RE endo---might came back.so let see i hope 2nd ivf will work for us,its very frustrating to wait & then hear negative report.very hard,.anyways goodluck to u,i hope ur embys stick tight inside u,talk to them (embys) that stay with u,talk to them like u have baby inside u.goodluck.
the way u wrote date(24/3/2009) looks like u r not in USA.iam in CA,takecare.
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hi..how are you?well u r right cause am not in usa.Im currently in dubai due to my hubby work relocation.i will be going to my clinic later on in the noon..guess they wanted to check my hormones level whther in normal range or not.i think i wont be able to find out so soon about positive pregnancy or not.
but on yesterday daytime i had slight cramp and discomfort.i read a lot from the net that it is a good sign (implantation)..hopefully it is really a good sign for me..but i was too foolish to have an upt...result was negative....guess it's stil too early to find out cause its only day4 after Et.should i be feeling any other sign?breast tenderness and lower back pain are due to medication right?then its hard to rule out the real sign of pregnant.
it must be a real hard time for you to undergo second ivf..i wish i have the courage.cause im too scare to go through all these anymore..i feel so guilty to my husband but he never blame me and keep on supporting me...i feel worse...
plus i dont have any frozen embies for future.all the eggs are not mature enough and manage to retrieve 5.only 2 manage to concieve and be healthy.so if i got to repeat the ivf,i have to starts with all the needles again.....and surgery.gosh~
hear from you soon..will update you about my result..take care.god bless
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hi ,how r u feeling now???so did u go for ur blood work,i gues they checked ur progestrone level.did they tell u when they gonna do pregnency test.??do u still feel any cramps???my prayers r with u.lots of baby dust.takecare.
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hi,yupe...the blood test was just to check my hormones level..i think progesterone and estrogen.the nurse said the reading was good but i still have to start a new medication called proglyuton which consist of two coloured tablets..white and brown.i was told to take the white one only and put it under my tongue.the med contain estradiol which is important for the wall lining too..it have funny taste and sweet.
i have the cramp on and off..the feeling its like you wanna have your period soon.my breasts are sore and painful...i have to return to the clinic on the coming thursday for another blood test.i think still can rule out whether am pregnant or not.
so how are you and things going on?my prayers are with you too..
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hi,good to hear about ur cramps,& BB is sore,thats a good sign.again can get becasue of progestrone too,but its a good sign too.so hopefully its a implantation pain.how u doing now?????
iam doing ok still waiting,they ask me to check ovulation every day starting from 04/04/09,& the day i will ovulate i have to let them know then they will decide next step.
goodluck 4 ur 2nd blood work.lots of baby dust.keep in touch.
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hi..good to hear from u again..today i was notti enough to do another upt......i did twice...but all very faint line....can it be positive?
the progyluton will not give false positive result right?am not sure abt it....hopefully it is really +..my cramps are still on and off....
hopefully everything in you goes on well.......take care....
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hi cindy,
let me ask u ,did u took HCG injection b4 retrivel???if yes then u can get false result with HPT. it takes 14 days to vanish from the body so if u do HPT b4 14 days u can get false result.also its too early to do HPT.how many days it been after ET???u should atleast wait 12 days to test HPT.hope for good.if u getting faint line that could be a good news,i hope ur faint line gets darker & darker.goodluck
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hi,today is my day 8.i called the nurse and ask her..she said the hcg that i took before the egg retrieval was only 3000u and it's a low dose compare wt other ladies.she said it is due to my PCOS condition that i might be hyperstimulate and by now should be none at all.
she said its a good sign that it is positive and i might be pregnant...but am still worry and dont want to be disapointed..
tmrw morning i will be going back to the clinic to hv my beta hcg test...keeping my fingers cross..
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hi cindy,WOW thats a great news that nurse also said it might be good sign,my dear dont worry u will hear a good news,wow so tomorrow is the day ,thats good,so finaly ur waiting gonna over tomorrow u will know that congratulations,ur test came positive,u r pregnent.lots of lots of sticky vibes,my prayers r with u.just relax ok.3000u that must be progestrone level not hcg,i gues.goodluck dear.let me know about tomorrows result as soon as u will know.takecare.

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