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Ovarian cyst

does any body know what happens if a cyst pops? I have a big cyst on my ovarie and now Iam bleeding dry blood, but really light only when I wipe. I havent had my period since feb. the dr. put me on this pill Provera but I still havent stared a period just this light bleeding brown blood the dr. also told me that it should get rid of the cyst but I dont know if its still there. I have the cramps like a period but not a real period. Iam not pregnant so I dont know. Please help.
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My only symptom when a cyst popped was the relief from pain.  But it is also possible that there could be some fluid finding its way down the tube and out.  I think putting someone on the pill is designed to gradually reduce the cyst, not pop it, but I might be wrong.
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When mine ruptured I had the worst pain ever for about 8 hrs and then the pain slowly went away. Mine were fluid filled so it may be different, I would have pain everytime they leaked. Mine turned into endometriosis.
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I have one to that I think is fluid to but Iam afraid that if mine shoud ever pop that it will damage my ovarie. but mine has been there for 5 yrs
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I had one like 91004.  It was an endo cyst that took over my life for about a year!  Basicallly every time I had my period (every month) it grew, since it was part of my endometrium.  I had it leak a few times & it HURT HURT!!!!  SOOOOOOOO bad!!!!  Took me to the ER 2x's.  They thought it was my apendix, until the US showed the cyst, which I would tell them thats what it was!
I doubt you have a cyst, only cuz I really think you would KNOW!  I'm serious, I would rather be in labor w/no meds than have that horrible pain.  & mine never ruptured, just twisted my ovary & tube & bled...that was enough for me!
I finally had lap. surgery & got it removed ;)  The only bummer is they had to remove my left ovary & tube too, cuz it got so big it sorta took over!

Go to your Dr & get it checked out, just so you know what your dealing with.  Maybe its nothing!
Good luck!!!
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I had a cyst on my left ovary that caused me pain, I would also feel it when i move around especially when i bd. When it ruptured it caused fluid in my uterus. The fluid in my uterus also caused pain. I had this happen to me a few times, the second time it caused me to bleed 2 weeks after i had already had my menses so i knew something was wrong, and indeed i had another ruptured cyst with fluid in my uterus that the dr told me there was nothing they could do about it I just had to wait it out and let my body absorb it.

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