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Poop after stitches

I had my baby on Thursday last week and I have just had my first poop. I have been really worried about it as I normally poo at least 2 times a day.  :(

What advice can you give to make it a little but easier

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They should give you colace. Which is a stool softner with my first I had a second degree tear omg it hurt worse than labor. My first poo luckily was not bad as I took the colace as said plus a little extra.  Just make sure you take that colace and I used the water bottle forever after I had him. It took me about 3 4 ish months to feel ok downthere.
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Thanks for the quick response I has a 2nd degree tear. They didn't give me anything, the midwife came yesterday to visit and they are due back tomorrow.  I have managed to have a poo final, it did hurt a little but just sat there and let things happen on there own accord.  

You can buy colace or ask they prescribe it I was also given a small dose of Lora tabs. that's the best way dont force it lol its very painful. I'm worried I will tear with this birth as well. I'm not looking forward to it.
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Bless you.  :)  I hope you don't.  
Not forcing anything at the moment. :)

Hope your labour goes OK.  Xx

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