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Pregnancy after ablation

Hi everyone, I have a few questions for you all....I am 33 with 3 children from a previous marriage.....now that I'm with the man of my dreams, we would like to have  a child together.  I had a ballon ablation 5 years ago, I have continued to have my periods, although they are light.  I was wondering if pregnancy would be possible for me....a friend of mine told me I could take something called FertilAid and FertilCM to restore the lining of my uterus...any one tried this or know anything about homeopathic remedies?  Please offer any advice you may have..
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If an ablation is performed correctly, the chances of becoming pregnant are extremely low.  I dont know much about this topic aside from that and would suggest that you speak w/ your OBGYN for guidance.
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I'm 37, a mother of two my youngest being 16... 10 years ago I split with their father and had a hysterscopic ablation 9 years ago.  I have a partner that I've been with for almost 9 years, I have never a had a period since the ablation and knowing that child conception was not possible we have never used contraception.  In May last year I started taking Centrum just because I felt I needed something more being a full time working mother (I was exhausted)!  In July amazingly we found out that I was pregnant!  I went through turmoil, as the doctors were all advising me to terminate explaining that it could be life threatening as well as extemely complicated... After a lot of sleepless nights and speaking with numerous doctors I decided that I would not terminate, I'm now 30 weeks and counting down the days, it hasn't been easy and I've done a lot of "what if's" but hopefully the outcome will be all worth it!  
By all means I would not recommend it because as I said it has been very hard, extemely emotional, and above all very scary... but you need to decide that for yourself.
Hope this has somehow helped.
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Scroll down just a page and you will find 583 comments on that subject. Maybe some of it is helpful.
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