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What to do for my girlfriend...

My girlfriend just found out that the baby is not growing right and the child has a strong chance of being born with downsyndrome. She also does not have the nutrients her body needs to supply the baby. The doc said that she may loose hair, teeth, and maybe become paralyzed. I dont kno whut to do. I think it would be best for her to get an abortion but she wants to try parental vitamins first. I dont kno whut to do and I really need help.
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its a really tough decision. i personally would get a second opinion. and why wasnt she taking prenatal vitamins in the first place???
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They don't even screen for Down's Syndrome until around 12 weeks gestation or more. I noticed in your other posts that you claim she is 2 months pregnant. I don't think they would know the baby is at risk for Down's this early. Furthermore, she should be taking prenatals regardless of anything.
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Your posts are a little confusing.

When did she go to the doctors?  A couple of hours ago you posted she was having heavy bleeding and you wanted to know what was happening.  Your post sounded as if she had not yet visited a doctor for the problem.  But this post talks about the doctor discussing Downs.  

What did the doctor say about the heavy bleeding?  I know you said she's 2 months pregnant, but do you know how many weeks she is?  Is she only 8 weeks along?  During an ultrasound the baby needs to be at least 11 weeks along in order for the doctor to be able to measure the "nuchal folds" and estimate the possiblity of Downs Syndrome.

Are you going to these doctor visits with your girlfriend?  Are you hearing the doctor for yourself or is she giving you this information afterwards?  I think you sound panicked about the prenatal vitamin thing and what you typed sounds much more gruesome than the reality.  Yes, she should take prenatal vitamins, but is she going to keel over tomorrow with paralysis and have no hair or teeth?  Absolutely not!
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