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When do Mirena periods get regular?

Hello all,
I got my Mirena inserted this past November, and for about 6 months, everything was perfect! No periods, spotting, or cramps. In May, I got a period again out of the blue, then again a week later, and again the week after that. This most recent time, I only had a day or two between bleeding. Each time, I get full cramps, PMS, the whole deal.
I checked with my doctor, got an ultrasound, and everything looks fine; she said this just may be how my body reacts. Anyone else had this happen? If so, did your periods ever stop/ return to normal? I don't want to have to get it removed, but this is a huge pain! Any advice would be welcome!
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Well, that would be annoying for sure!  I do think it is quite common to be irregular with mirena and even more so when you have it removed.  It's well known for this.  Every woman is different and agree with your doctor that this may just ve how your body reacts.  I'm not sure I'd want to have that as my form of birth control with that situation though.  Are there any other forms of birth control you'd consider?
For sure. I took the pill for a decade before getting my Mirena this year, and I've already started it again so I don't have a break in my contraception when/ if I get my IUD removed. I was just hoping it wouldn't come to that!

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