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asherman's syndrome?

Two years ago, I delivered a baby by c-section (second baby by c-section in 18 mos.).  I may have had an infection on my scar (I received an antibiotic), but was sent home with everything checking out.  I was experiencing cramping, but thought it had to do with recovering from a surgery.  Two weeks after delivery, I was given a D&C because I had developed cervical stenosis and a hematumetra? in my uterus.  Four weeks after that, I started having pelvic pain and have had it ever since.  I nursed my daughter for 16 mos. and despite going to see two different obgyn doctors, they passed off my pain as related to my surgeries...I went to a second because I did start my menstrual cycle while nursing and noticed a brown discharge and that my cycle only lasted 36 hours.  I have now had 5 cycles since I stopped nursing.  I only have discharge for 48 hours (max) and then nothing for 5 days.  On day 7 I start having a light discharge for three days that is brown.  I am very crampy towards the middle of my cycle and sometimes during the 5 day window between discharge.  Could this be Asherman's and how do I convince my doctor to check it out based on my history?
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It sounds like you may have Asherman's based on your symptoms. You will need to ask your doctor to do a hysteroscopy, which can be done in the office, to check and remove the scar tissue that developed from your D & C.
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