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breastfeeding and pump

DS is 11 days old. I started pumping and bottle feeding him breast milk only 2 days ago. I'm using a double electric pump and one boob I can get almost 2 ounces from and the other I can get 3. Does this sound like the normal amount for 11 days postpartum? I'm NOT breastfeeding him anymore, he never did learn to latch on correctly, he has a 'tongue tie', my nipples are still killing me & I think we have thrush, plus I felt like I was feeding him 24-7. Pumping & bottle feeding him is much easier IMO.
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how often are you pumping? those amounts sound very good to me if you're pumping every 2-3 hours like you're supposed to at this point. i may have even been making less per session that early on. hopefully this is a sign that your breasts respond well to the pump. i know many ladies will tell you that their supply didn't last while exclusively pumping. pumping works for some and deos not for others. mine supply is still going strong at 4 1/2 months. At my peak i pumped 45-49 ounces/day. now i have been at a steady 40 ounces/day, but that drop in supply happened the last time i dropped a pump (i now pump 3 times/day).

i was very disheartened by people's feelings towards pumping on this board. (i still love you ladies though...:) i found tons of support and advice about trying to get the baby to bf, but not much about this. bf just never happened for us, despite all of our efforts, work with lactation consultants, etc.... i would suggest you take a look at another board i found that helped keep me going. if breast feeding is not an option and you choose to pump, you need a lot of support and information. here's the site:

congrats on your little one!!!
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That does sound like a good amount for your baby being 11 days old! That is, if you are pumping as often as every 2-3 hours. I pumped exclusively for 3 weeks while my son was in the NICU and never had problems with supply. Now that I'm back to work I pump all day and then nurse in the evening, night and morning. I never had problems with pumping exclusively, either. You just have to make sure to be consistent with your pumping and not skip pumps. Tiredbuthappy gives lots of great advice since she is an exclusive pumper. I would follow her advice (:
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my baby and i had thrush.....she my nipples got infected along with her mouth her tounge was covered in this white milky film that wouldnt come offf.....i had it on my breasts too then they just turned red and bleed......the only thing you can do is go to the doctor for the medicine
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