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gestational diabetes??

does any one have gestational diabetes in 3rd month and went on to have a healthy baby..Some of my friends r scaring me  too much that I am unable to sleep properly in the nights..Is it something that I should worry about??Everything is fine except this diabetes??any suggestions would be appreciated..
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I had it and it was fine.    I was able to control it with diet and exercise.

Are you sticking to the diet?  Or have you been put on insulin?

Are you going regularly to have blood drawn to see if your sugar levels are okay?

Best wishes.
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right now i am on diet and if it is not controlled then may be i may have to go for insulin which i doesn't want to..can u give me some tips of controlling it like what sort of fruits can i eat..how much time and when should i walk..
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Neeli,  did they give you a specific diet with a calorie goal,  and choices for each meal/snack?

I think those are pretty specific to each person,  based on your weight and calorie intake needs.

I do know the basic goal is to spread carbohydrate intake throughout the day,  and fruit intake,  so that your blood sugar level doesn't ever "spike".

I was eating a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread and a banana and a glass of milk for breakfast,  for example,  and a chicken breast and rice and greenbeans for lunch,  and crackers and an orange for an afternoon snack, and a balanced dinner with healthy foods.  And a glass of milk at bedtime.

And I was walking 2 miles every other evening at a brisk pace for exercise.

I was underweight when I first got pregnant,  and so the diet wasn't based on restricting calories,  but restricting rushes of sugar.

Do you have someone in your doc's office who can help you with diet?  It seems like that's so key to success,  getting the diet right and understanding it.

Best wishes for a very healthy pregnancy!
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GO have counseling with a dietician if you are having problems.  They will give you brochures on some healthy meals that will nor raise your blood sugars.  

I ate a lot of chicken breasts, broccoli soup, eggs and sausage or bacon.  I also would eat yougurt with fruit and grape nuts (along the guidelines) for breakfast.  I also had a book from Shopko (like a Wal-mart) that had every major food chain listed and most of their foosd on how many carbs and sugars where in the dishes. Helped if I was going out to eat.  If I knew I was going out I would limit my carbs through the day so I could have a little extra at night.  You can do that once in a while. I knew if I had to much carbs I would start feeling funny Like dizzy.

I only gained 17lbs with both my pg's.  I had two healthy boys over 8 1/2lbs watching what I ate.  I hope this helps you-- have a great rest of the pg.
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i had gd and controlled it w/ diet and exercise...my lil man was fine!!!  the biggest concern is that your baby will be too fat.  It is very important to stick to the diet...the baby can't control what you eat but what you eat will effect his/her insulin levels and that is dangerous for a baby...good luck
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Just wanted to let you know that you may be able to substitute an artificially sweetened yogurt for your milk in the morning. I have GD and am on insulin and I can substitute if I want. Just ask your diabetic nurse or dietitian and see what they say. It helps to have a choice.
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Thank u so much for ur postings..it makes me revealed of my thoughts..
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I have had g/d since i was 3 months pregnant and i'm currently 29 wks today. I tried controlling mine with diet and exercise, but that didn't work, i was loosing weight but  my sugar was still to high. So he started me on insulin in my 4th month. I keep it pretty much under control. I hope my baby isn't to big either, i worry about that.
They also gave me a chart to go buy and how to measure your food intake each meal and what to eat. My biggest problem i have is not eating enough breakfast before lunch and my sugar dropping to the 40's. and i have to eat some sugar to bring it up. I eat eggs, a piece of bacon, and usually a diet soda, i don't like milk in the mornings. Lunch i eat usually a sandwich on wheat, a banana, and some green beans. then maybe a banana for break. Dinner have a good meal of some sort. sometimes i'll eat a bedtime snack but not usually...
Doctor seems to think i'm doing just fine. And it really keeps the weight off. I lost 8lbs in the beginning and have only gained those 8lbs back. Well good luck to u, u can do it!
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I have gestational diabetes and I'm having major problems controlling my sugar levels... I've found so far that ANY kind of breads, milk, crackers, and of course sugar raises it tremendously... weird thing is though that I ate a half an apple the other day for snack-which is supposed to raise it and an hour later, I was too low (at 76) and feeling light-headed and shaky... it's frustrating the daylights outta me!!!!
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Just wanted to share this with all... This afternoon, I had a cup of chef's (without my usual ritz crackers in it) salad for "Lunch" (which was actually my first meal of the day cause I didn't get up till 11 or so... The toughest reading for me is always the first one after the first meal I eat... but I'm proud to announce that 1 hour after my salad, I'm at a record-low-after a meal... 101!!! YAY!!! (Actually, I think that's a little low for having eaten an hour ago, but not so low that I'm worried).... YAY!!!
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