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hcg levels up then down!?

hey all (:
I recently had my 2nd natural miscarriage June 8 2012 and completed it about 5 days later.my hcg levels were back down to 10. It is now August 11th and my hcg levels were back up to 50 on Friday.i have been sexually active but not in the past week.my Dr says it might be"left over tissue" and doesn't think its another pregnancy.i go in on Monday to check my hcg levels again but the wait is killing me.if anyone has any experiences or insights on this please don't hold back!!
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A person can have an hCG reading from retained placental tissue.  But when that happened to me, my reading did not go up.  It went down, though very slowly.  (I finally had to have an ultrasound-guided D&C to get the last piece of tissue out.)  That your hCG is rising would certainly suggest to me that if your hCG is rising, it could be a new pregnancy.  Just go in every two days for an hCG blood test, if the doctor will order them that often.  If the numbers begin to double, it is a good sign.
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Thank you much for your input i appreciate it very much!! Im going in on monday and fingers crossed for rising hcg levels!
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I am hopeful reading all these posts. I am about 5 weeks pregnant and Monday had spotting it was just 3 dark drops. I called my doctor and he said to come in for a ultra sound. He didn't see anything in my uterus except fluid and he said my left ovary had fluid in it too. He said he wouldn't be surprised it was a ectopic pregnancy. He checked my hormone level and it was at 333 on Monday 4/1/13, I had to repeat test on Wednesday 4/3/13 it dropped to 104. I have still had light bleeding but it is dark and only when I basically wipe after I go to the bathroom. I go back 4/5 to get blood work again and another ultra sound Monday. My doctor said I would heavy bleeding anytime now and so far I have not had heavy bleeding... So I'm on bed rest until Monday... Anyone else heard of anything like this??? I still feel pregnant and have the symptoms this is our first pregnancy...Thank you!!

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