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i need advice post partum problems

My daughter is 8 month olds and ever since a week after i had her i have had nothing but problems going to the toilet for number twos.. It bleeds and just burnswhile i go and hours after.. i been to three different gps and tried all different medication now im left with laxatives after laxatives.. i cant do it any more im so down because of it i dread to go and always in the bath after. I have even gone to the hospital and they cant even do anything for me my gps and the hospital cant tell me what is wrong. They says its internal hemroids then they say its a cut from pushing my daughter. I need your girls help if yous have ever gone through this? Please
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Uh,that's weird.
Maybe you tore down towards your anus, and they never stitched it for proper healing.
So maybe every time you go to the bathroom it re-rips the tear.
Keep taking laxatives. That is essentially your best bet if that is the case.
The laxatives will make it so there isn't a strain on the anus, so you will heal.
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Okay thankyou lets just hope it doesnt take any longer i cant stand tthe pain :(
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The nurse told me once i gave birth if I need to poop hold a pad or something on to your vagina or area you tore, so that it won't put pressure there whilst pushing.
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I had a epistomany and they didnt tell me anything about pooping they gave me laxatives because i was afraid it was going to hurt but i didnt go toilet till a week after i had her :/ i just eish they gave me advice
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It's probably just a hemorrhoid!
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You've had this problem for 7 months??  Wow, that's terrible.  I suggest you keep seeing new doctors till one takes you seriously.  Can you get a referral to a specialist?
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My son had to stay in the hospital a few weeks so I saw nurses quite often and they would always ask if I had popped yet an didn't seem to worried when I said no. So I guess it's semi normal. I didn't have that as he was coming out I tore upwards :) delightfully. I know this is going to sound a bit strange. but get a mirror and have a look. Once I was allowed to go back to they room I was staying in after the birth I had to look at the damage lol and mine has never quite gone back the same. Could just be that the scar is in an awkward place that it gets re opened everytime.
Yeah i didnt get much help and when i did ask they said if anything happends to come up to hospital witch i did but the doc couldnt tell me, i have now moved and seen a new gp but he has not been any help so tomorrow i am seeing a different person and hoping for the best, i need them to have a proper look instead of feeling it, andmy cut is next to my vagina so my daughter could fit through because she got stuck but i dont know if that has something to do with it
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I imagine it is probably related but obviously I cannot tell you for sure. If not could you book an outpatient appointment for them to have a look. Do you have a health visitor? You could say to them that you are experiencing discomfort and they may be able to ring around or point ou in the right direction of someone you can be seen by like a nurse/midwife or someone who specialises in post partum vaginas lol.
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