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me and my husband have been tring to have a baby for almost a year he has had his sperm tested and it came back 0 are none what ever that means what can we do to try and help are is there anything we can do please let me know if you know anything.
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It's been a while since my husband had his sperm checked, but if memory serves, there is more than one measure they take.  Motility, something, and something are all assessed.  They won't come back with just one number, such as 0.  Call and ask them what they are saying to you, and don't give up until you understand the test results.
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My DH got tested too, there were three tests: Sperm motility, sperm count, sperm morphology. My DH was told he had 0 out of 3 but we also got specific numbers. A zero does not always literally mean 0, it just means a "fail" in that category. You'll need to ask them specifically what the 0 was for. If his total motile count was an actual zero, I'd totally get it re-tested, especially if there is no chance he has had a vasectomy (you may be surprised how many men are out there that have had one and don't tell their wives for whatever reason).
I do have good news for you, though. We tried for almost 3 years, were told to go onto other methods of conceiving (because we were told our chances of natural conception was nil) and all of a sudden we became pregnant naturally! Then, surprise, surprise, when we went to try again, we got pregnant within months of starting to try. So, don't give up hope at all. It only takes one sperm :)
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