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moderate bilateral hydronephrosis (maternal)

I just found out that I have moderate hydronephrosis bilaterally. I am 18 weeks pregnant. I have severe flank pain that comes and goes but no difficulty with urination. I feel I more fit the term of polyuria. I had kidney infections with my first pregnancy, & mod. hydronephrosis with my second pregnancy. In my second pregnancy I was in my last trimester and my condition began to improve after my diagnosis. My doctor has said that she does not feel that my uterus is large enough to be the etiology and states that tests do not show any calculi. She is going to call a urologist to send me to.  To my question... What could be some possible interventions to help my condition and to prevent the problem from increasing in severity.  Thanks for your time.
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Hi - you probably need to have a little less medical jargon in your post for people to respond. I personally don't know what bilateral hydronephrosis is and why it would be a problem in pregnancy or otherwise. Do you think you could explain it a bit simpler for those of us who don't have a clue? Thanks.
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hydronephrosis is enlargement of certain areas in your kidneys. If untreated can eventually lead to kidney failure especially if both kidneys are involved. I have found info on it but not very much on what things are done for pregnant women who have this
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hey chrissy, just recently even i came to know that my baby have bilateral hydrnephrosis but the urine is not completely blocked,,,there is urine in bladder but flow is very thin. I am in start of 6th month of pregnancy. pls advise me is this problem major or minor and how to deal with it..i am really tensed but doc said that amonotic fluid is still normal with me.. pls advise me what did u do for this situation???? is my baby in risk ??? pls reply me on ***@****..... URGENTLY
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