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wonderful update!!!

Hello ladies...

I have been sick with worry the past few weeks after finding out from my OB that I am a carrier of Fragile X syndrome.  After WAY too much reading online about the disorder - i was thinking the worst...well i went to the doctor yesterday and he let me know that i am in the "gray" zone...i have to go for more genetic counseling in a few weeks - but according to many online sources (and my OB) the gray zone means that my x chromosome is barely affected and when/if passed onto a baby there is barely any chance that the baby would have the full blown fragile x syndrome and would more likely just be a carrier...i am SO relieved...and if my morning sickness wasn't this bad i would go dance & sing in the streets!!!  We also got to the see the little bean and the heartbeat last night...8w1d...I am finally hopeful. Thanks for your endless support!
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thats such great news and not finally you get to enjoy your pregnanacy. Happy and healthy 9 months and congrats!!!
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I am an Early Childhood Education major (went back to college 6 years after HS) and recently took an exceptional children class and we studied on fragile x for awhile. What I learned was pretty much what you just said about the "gray zone"....your child may not have many symptoms of the syndrome. Also...a good friend of mine was told that her child had downs syndrome after her triple screen AND after an amnio and her baby is FINE!!! I don't know if you found out about this through that screening, but I do know they tend to carry false positives! Good Luck! :)
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That is wonderful news. Stay positive and keep us updated. Smile
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So glad to hear you got good news.
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