So i usually go to the bathroom just fine.  The past 4 days have been different.  Started with diarehha and now the past 2 days im having difficulty going...when i go i strain.  Ive also been having bloating and tenderness in the left lower abdomen area.  Any one have the same issues or advice.  TIA
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I'm glad you went tot he doctor.  Gastritis?  Are you under stress?  If it keeps up, I'd look into irritable bowel syndrome?
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You might have a mild case of food poisoning, or something else from your diet (an allergic reaction or otherwise). Often after a case of the runs, which clean out the bowels pretty fast, it's a couple of days before you build up normal stool again, so you might just not have much waiting to go out at this point. Not that this is a possibility that is very high on the list, but there is also a form of Covid that manifests as a GI disturbance instead of a lung or respiratory problem.
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Thanks for the response.   I went to doctor an they checked me for uti but came back negative.    I’m still having weird feeling in my lower left abdomen(tender like).   My bowels are finally moving alright.  
Did they suggest anything else?
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