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Growing large hard lump on my labia majora that is painful to the touch


I woke up with a large lump/bump three days ago on the right lower side of my labia majora that is half an inch in size and is circular. It hurts when I touch it. It is hard and when I pull on the bump gently, I can feel it's a circle underneath my skin. Today it grew to almost an inch and oval with the lengthy side along the lips. It is the same shade of red as the area surrounding it. There isn't any visible "point" filled with liquid that indicates it is a cyst. The surface is smooth like the rest of the skin.

Could this be a Bartholin's cyst? But there isn't any puss or anything. It looks just like a bump underneath my skin that is in color with the rest of my skin and smooth with no points or anything.

I am 19 and this is bothering me but I am embarrassed to the doctor. Please help!
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I have had the same thing happen as well twice. I did a warm compress with a warm wash cloth. And it went away the next day. But yes it does sound like a cyst.
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