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Vaginal blockage

My wife's vagina is blocked by using a locally made medicine for abortion made off surphur and shea butter, the gynecologist could not determine the length of the blockage and her period now store in  inside and coursing serious abdominal pain. Is there way to reopen this without surgery?
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I think the answer is, if her periods are unable to come out of her body, she needs surgery to heal the situation and allow a passageway for the menstrual fluid to get out. It could be very serious for her otherwise. Please do what you have to, in order to get this solved for her. It cannot be fixed without a doctor's help.
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thank you AnnieBrooke
Your welcome, and please don't delay.
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Oh my. Trying to understand what you mean.  So, she was given medicine to have an induced abortion, correct?  Pills she takes to end a pregnancy.  And she took them.  And this was a home made remedy and not the usual pills you take. But something else?  So, she took it or this is something she put inside her vagina to induce the abortion?  Did she successfully evacuate her uterus?  (meaning, has she had the abortion and the fetus was expelled?)  And are you meaning she is now not had a period after that?  Or she never expelled the fetus?
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