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12 day period

Im 20, nearly 21 and I started my period on the 17th of December and it hasn't stopped since. There have been moments where I've had no bleeding for a couple of hours and then it's started up again. Or after masturbation it has started again.
I'm on the mini pill and have been taking it for nearly 3 years now. At first my bleeding was irregular but then it settled back to once a month. But the past 2 periods have been longer, the 1st 10 days and now this one 12. I cant get into my doctor until the new year and I'm getting concerned about it and what could be happening.
I also have a little bit of lower abdominal discomfort but I do with every period.
Could anyone help me or give me an idea of what it could be?
I have also taken a pregnancy test to be sure I'm not miss carrying and it was negative.
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Sounds hormonal to me, it would be wise to discuss this with your GYN or GP to rule out anything serious and to possibly have a change in meds.
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Sounds like your pill isn't doing the job any more, and you've got breakthrough bleeding. If you have sex before changing your prescription, be sure to use condoms. I wouldn't worry, our bodies do change in terms of how much hormonal activity they naturally have, probably you just need a higher amount of progesterone in your pill.
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