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2 yung to get pregannt again

i am a 17 year old female, i jus had a baby boy 6 months ago

About 2 months ago i went to get a pap to check and see if i was clean and i was and they told me i was anemic so that explained y i was tired all the time but the fatigue only lasted about week......now a i feel flutterings all the time and to me it feels like baby movments i had my period but it was weird it was normal the first day light the next day and heavy the third day then the next two days it was spotting also now i have increased vaginal discharge im very horny and im gettin headaches also im very moody and my breast seem to be heavier then usual.....is it possible i may b pregnant again also i should add i have had unprotected sex several times
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yes it probabyl is possible you maybe pregnant, dont you think you should think twic and NOT have unproptected sex if you dont want another child? were you not even on any sort of birth control? the only thing you can do to find out is take a test.
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i was on birth control and i still have the same partner my sons father but we are very carfeul and only use a condom now hopefully it wasnt to late and i am going 2 take a test tomorrow
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the fultterins are totally normal after having had a baby. it doesnt mean theres movement inside of you. its that your stomachs irratated or something.

but yes since your having unprotected sex you more than likely are pregnant since its VERY easy to get pregnant after having had a baby
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Yes you are way to young to have children, and i imagine the father is just as young, who will support these children? you need to think more abour getting  an education befoe having these babies young people nowdays seem to have lost respect for themselves and have let their hormones take over lets hope that you are not pg, and get your nibd on growing up babies cost money  jo
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if you are pregnant. then im sure you will do just fine raising two babies. it can be done. yes you need to focus on your education but im sure you can manage that and being a full time mommy
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I am just gonna put this out there! As NICELY AS POSSIBLE! My baby sister is 18 with 2 very young children! She works full time and was a full time student! She just graduated from high school! No these "young" kids haven't lost respect for themselves it all in how they were raised! I myself at 18 had 4 jobs and an apartment and car! So do tell me why do you think it is impossible for young parents to take care of their children! Every one told my sister she couldn't do it! BLAH BLAH BLAH! Well she showed them didn't she! There are mothers that are in their 30's that can't take care of their children! It's not their fault things happen!
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