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4 Years and Counting..

Here's a tough one for everyone! I'll start from the very beginning, 4 years ago.

I was down South (think Mexico) 4 years ago, and shortly upon my return, I came down with horrible stomach pains. I lost the will to eat. The thought of food made me want to vomit. Sometimes, when I did eat, I would vomit. When I didn't eat, I felt "fine". I would feel light headed, weak and lost a lot of weight (size 8 down to a 4). For nearly a year, I just didn't eat unless absolutely necessary and even when I did, it was small portions of rice or vegetables.
After a year, I picked up a MRSA infection on my leg, and it spread quite rapidly. I went to a doctor and was prescribed antibiotics, and the infection went away. A few months later, I began experiencing chest pain. At this point, I went to my doctor and had blood work done, and a chest xray. Blood work revealed nothing other than low iron, and the x-ray showed nothing out of the ordinary.
I continued on, with the odd stabbing pain on the upper left side of my lung. I still wasn't eating properly, and it affected me in various ways. I grew very anxious, and was very stressed. Everyone, including my doctor thought I had an eating disorder like anorexia. I can assure you, I did not stop eating to get thin! I wasn't fat at a size 8! No one was taking me seriously! (I was 16-17 years old).
Fast forward 2 years.
I felt as if I had grown out of my eating issues. I think a lot may have been stress, and a lot wasn't. 5 months ago, I developed a terrible lung infection. Absolutely awful. I was originally diagnosed with TB, and sent immediately to see the top respirologist in my area. She said it was a bad case of pneumonia. She showed me my x-rays, and there were cavities (think abscess, or mega lung zit) all over both lungs. She went to the x-ray done a few years prior and she could see the forming of a chest cavity on the upper left side of my left lung. She guesses I have had this infection for 2 years. She gave me 6 weeks worth of antibiotics and sent me on my way, happy that it was "clearing up"
Since then, I have been experiencing episodes of shortness of breath (one instance sent me to the emergency room), stabbing pains that start on my upper left side, and go down my arm and chronic infections. Chest x-rays show nothing new, neither did an MRI.
To date, the infections have included various skin infections, such as my cuticles, under arms and pubic region. Last month my right knee swelling up enormously (no visible injury, nor could the doctor find one) It was stiff, painful and developed within the span of 24 hours.
I have developed recurring skin infections and ingrown hairs on my pubic region that result in extremely painful and swollen pustules. I had a large painless lump develop on the right side of nose as well (since gone) Ingrown hairs have NEVER been an issue for me. 3 weeks ago, I developed an abscess on my groin. Within 24 hours, I could barely stand and had a fever. The lump was quite sizable with a massive red area surrounding it. I called my local nursing hot line, and I was sent immediately to the emergency room. The abscess was drained, and I was on IV antibiotics for 3 days.
During the past few days, I have had numerous little pustules and today, I believe the formation of my second abscess.

Blood work shows nothing. Negative on HIV, Hepatitis. The only constant factor is low iron.

I thought that the iron deficiency had damaged my immunity, but 3 weeks of iron pills (150 mg / day) have done little to lessen my symptoms, nor lessen the frequency of skin infections.

Vision is also noticeably blurry.

Any ideas on what is causing this?
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