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4 days passed ovulation and feeling pregnant

I am currently 4 dpo and feeling a pressure/bloating feeling in my lower abdomen.. could it be implantation and that I’m pregnant? How early can I test?  Really hoping I am and can’t wait to test
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Always hard to say.  When pregnancy is occurring, it is pretty subtle.  Not a lot of signs early on.  When is your period expected?  I used early response pregnancy tests that say you can test 4 days before your expected period.  I got a positive with one four days before my period was due (and I was tracking my cycle like a hawk as were were trying to conceive).  So, that's probably about the earliest you can test.  I don't know if that is implantation.  I never had anything that would indicate that the egg was implanting although some women talk about a small trace of blood at that time.  I didn't have that.  I didn't have any symptoms at all other than I was a little more tired than usual right at the time of my period.  But we're all different.  Do you know the last time you had sex that you think might be when you would have possibly conceived?  Are you trying to get pregnant?
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