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7 weeks pp, no period, negative blood and urine tests but having pregnancy symptoms

Had my 4th child November 1st, 3 1/2 weeks after had unprotected sex with the baby’s dad. Spotted for 2 days, pink color only noticeable when I wiped, a couple weeks later. Took 4 early response tests and got a very faint line on all of them, had blood test done this past Tuesday and the result was negative yet I’m still continuing to have pregnancy symptoms and still haven’t started my period or feel like I’m going to start. Anyone else go through this and end up actually being pregnant?!?! My other 3 pregnancies I had started my first pp period at 5 weeks, I’m now 7weeks pp with baby #4 and have shown no signs of starting my period.
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I would suggest getting another blood test, perhaps next Tuesday if you can get in.
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Oh boy.  First, congrats on the baby!!  Second, you have your hands full!  Third, that's a significant number of positive tests.  After all these pregnancies, you know a faint line is a positive test.  Lots of women are extra fertile after pregnancy.  The world is full of 'Irish twins'.  I got pregnant really fast after I had my first son which was a surprise!  However, as we know, very early pregnancy is fragile.  One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage.  We can test so early now and at home so we catch it when in the past, we'd have never known.  It's hard to tell for you though as you haven't even gotten your period back yet.  I'd say those symptoms are just hormone adjustments if you hadn't gotten those positive tests.  At this point, the only thing to do is to visit your doctor and have them tell you.  Do you want to be pregnant again?  And as far as symptoms, sometimes they can last even past a miscarriage as the hormones get less and less and they do so overlap with what you are going through post partum or if you are nursing, etc.  Please let us know what happens, okay?
I know I haven’t miscarries bc I haven’t bled at all except the two days I spotted and it was only enough to notice when I wiped. I have a history is miscarriages so I definitely know what those feel like. I know my body and for me this isn’t normal at all. Right now I just plan on waiting to see if I even start within these next few weeks, and if I don’t start by the end of next week then I’m going to call my dr again and schedule an appt. at my 6 week pp check up she even said that me spotting and not starting my period yet isn’t normal for me but that my blood test came back negative so I should be fine. She gave me birth control to see if that would help but I’m not going to take it until I know for sure I’m not pregnant again. Either by finally starting my period or getting an ultrasound done at the dr to show I’m not. I will keep u posted though, thank u for ur input I appreciate it
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Did you ever get a definitive answer from your doctor?
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There are some women who have gotten pregnant right after having a child so you definitely don’t need to be having sex without either a condom or on some form of birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant
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