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A few small, dark, red dots on the inside of my vulva.

I am a 15-year-old female who's noticed that I have a few small what look-like bloody dots that are on the inside of my vulva. (They are not bleeding) The only issue is that there is a burning when I pee and move around, but besides that nothing else. I used an item that usually shouldn't be used to masturbate, and I have no one to tell at home and couldn't find anything on the internet but one post on this site that had similar issues. Slightly afraid, but more concerned for my health. The post said something along the lines of " trauma causing bruising" but besides that I have nothing else I could relate to. Would really appreciate if someone could please tell me what's going on.
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It wouldn't be surprising if you gave yourself bruising or an infection, if the item wasn't scrupulously cleaned. Keep an eye on the area and if it looks infected -- red, puffy, swollen, smelly -- tell your mom you need to see a doctor. You don't have to say what you think caused it.
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