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ANGRY the week before my period

The week before I get my period, I usually get some pimples, have a big appetite and bloat. I've somewhat accepted all that.... however, I am in a constant state of anger and I'm irritable too.

It has affected my friendships... I once abruptly left a coffee shop my friends and I were hanging out at because I was afraid I would yell at them for a stupid reason (we were playing a game and I won and a friend was being a sore loser and making fun of me for winning).

I am an elementary school teacher and I'm afraid it's affecting my students view of me. I'm usually sssssoooooooo easy going in class but during the week before my period, when I'm constantly irritable, I would get so frustrated at them and actually yell at them. This is unusual as when the students get in trouble, I would speak to the offenders privately and take them back to class to apologize after. But the week before my period I would yell at them in front of the whole class and sometimes even in front of a coworker!!!

Last month, a kid kept playfully opening the classroom door to peek in and then run away repeatedly and I just erupted. I went out into the hallway and I couldn't see her so I screamed her name (pretty sure the whole school heard me) and stormed up and down the halls looking for her. Good thing she hid well, I'm scared to think how hard I would have screamed at her if I found her!!!
On a normal day, I would have just laughed and tried to get her to come in and have her as my 'teaching assistant'. But on that day, I just went nuts!

Of course, looking back I felt bad about all those things. But I really couldn't control it!!!

Can anyone suggest some solutions that worked for you??? Some sort of supplement or something??? I've read online some remedies for mood swings but I'm 100% anger.

Please help!
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It's almost been a year since I posted this and I've tried many things I've looked up online about managing anger. I've tried yoga, meditation, visualization and relaxation techniques and they just don't work. I'm not in a constant state of anger. I just get angry suddenly and it escalates to a complete blow up. It's starting to affect my job. Does anyone have any more unique ideas that worked?
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Maybe doing some yoga the week before and during could help
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I just want to mention,

I do not drink caffeine (I mentioned being in a coffee shop, but I only drink hot chocolate when I go with friends, I hate coffee!).
I do not drink alcohol.
I do not eat much sugary snacks or drinks (in fact, drinking too much soda makes me dizzy from the amount of sugar!).
I really like my protein and eat quite a lot of meat.
I don't drink much dairy as I hate milk but I do drink probiotic milk on the regular.

I just wanted to mention that because I googled for solutions and a lot mention changing your diet... I think my diet is very good.

So I am considering using supplements.

I already take evening primrose oil for hair sparseness due to hypothyriodism but it hasn't help with my mood as it has others.
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