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Abnormal Cysto. Blood in urine

Was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis  30 years ago.  I’m a 56 year old female.  Have had Hematuria and pressure, burning intermittent throughout the years.   2.5 years ago had gross Hematuria for the 1st time and had CT immediately after and Cysto 1 month later.  Both were normal.   Had not had any gross Hematuria since.  Had some burning over the weekend and then gross Hematuria again on Monday.   Put on Cipro and bleeding stopped by afternoon.   Sent urine for culture but not back yet.   Had cysto today and it showed red areas of inflammation.   Report states:  Erythematous mucosa. posterior wall and trigone No tumors. No stones. Urinalysis was normal.   Dr said to be on the safe side will biopsy next week.   Should I be concerned about cancer or will cystitis or I.C. cause that?  Thanks!
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Hi, welcome.  It's my understanding that interstitial cystitis is not usually associated with blood in the urine.  Interesting that gross hematuria stopped so soon after starting antibiotics.  That certainly would leave one to think the cause of the blood is due to a UTI. So, when I have had a UTI, they check for bacteria in the urine sample in the office and then let the culture sit and then check it again a day later.  That is often when I've then been diagnosed with a UTI. Your urinalysis was normal, but will they recheck it?  

What are they going to biopsy?  The areas of inflammation or the area of erythematous mucosa (which means read areas I believe)?  Blood in urine is most commonly caused by stones or UTI.  I think they are being very cautious. They say pretty clearly no tumors. However, they want to check which hey, that's good.  Better safe than sorry.  Here is information on bladder cancer. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bladder-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20356104  Blood in urine can be a sign of that but let's not forget it got better with Cipro.  It's hard with you to determine if there is an infection due to the chronic nature of your symptoms of interstitial cystitis.  Ugh.  When is your appointment?
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Thanks for your response.  I have had micro hematuria since I have been young from the I.C.   That is why they did my initial Cysto 30 years ago.   I actually think they have found that up to 30 percent of people with IC have some blood in their urines.  The gross hematuria has only occurred twice over the last 2 years.  Seeing it is more scary lol.    Dr just said bladder was inflamed.  I assume the erythematous mucosa is the inflamed areas he is talking about. My Cysto is Thursday for the biopsies.  Praying it is still just the I.C.    
Oh, I was reading the opposite in that it is kind of rare but you would definitely know since you've been dealing with this for so long!!  I agree when you see a good deal of blood in urine, it would be very scary.  Freaky and scary!!  lol  I'm glad the gross hematuria has only been twice!  So, next Thursday is when you have the test?  You're going to have to keep busy until then!   What can we do to entertain you?  lol
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if cancer was a GP worry, they would discuss with you etc. So the fact they havent, stayed strong and vigilant. You always create your own destiny.
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also never let yesterdays storm dim tomorrows sunshine
Hey there, this is an older thread about what is termed a complex ovarian cyst. Cancer, health conditions such as this are often a challenging thing for patients. I'm not really sure we create or own destiny with them but it's good to remain calm for sure. And go through all of the steps of diagnosing ad treating to completion so that one can maintain the best health. Have you had a complex ovarian cyst before? Tell us your experience as we love people to share.
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