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Abnormal vaginal swelling. Please help

Okay so this happened for the second time so I am posting here. For twice in a row now, after my period ended my labia minora is swollen and irritated. My discharge is totally normally ( white clear that turns yellow on underwear) so I doubt it is Yeast Infection or BV. The discharge is slightly itchy but the discharge I get after period has always been like this. It's just my labia is swollen and irritated and causing me great discomfort. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else. P.s I use menstrual cup for my period. It has never given me any problems. This is a very recent problem and it only happens after I am done with my period. Any help would be appreciated!
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Something happening "specifically after a period" can hint at BV, though what usually happens after the period is over is a smell. It could also be you reacting to the menstrual cup, possibly they have changed the formulation of the plastic? (Though if it were an allergy, seemingly you'd react when you begin to use it, while still on your period.)

Have you been to the ob/gyn lately? It might be a good idea to get swabbed for BV even if you don't fit the classic symptoms.
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