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Age for 1st period

I have a daughter who will be turning 15 in a couple of weeks. Is it typical for a very athletic girl to start her period later than the average girl?  And what age should be cause for concern if she hasn't started?  Her breasts r developing as normal and she eats pretty healthy (for a teen anyway) and rarely gets sick. Thanks for your input.
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It takes time for some girls to get there periods espeically if they are atheltic and eat right for the most part it will come though most likely, if you want be sure to inform her pediatrician when she goes for her annual check ups before schools starts again just to get a second opinion
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I had my period when I was 16, my breasts developed before then. I wouldn't worry about it. My mom had her period much earlier. Also, this could make her feel like there is something wrong with her. I'd let it go. If she's 18-19 then maybe book an apt then.
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If she is athletic, then it is very normal. There is no age when a girl automatically gets her period. Everyone's body is different. I wouldn't worry too much, as long as she is reaching the other expected developmental milestones. However, you, as the parent, are the one who knows your daughter best.
Hope this helped!
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