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Allergic reaction occurring on breasts?

About four or five months ago I began to experience red bumps all over my breasts. At first, I thought they were pimples because they were red, grew swollen, and when squeezed what seemed to be oil and occasionally pus would come out. They didn't hurt or itch. t thought nothing more of it except when they were drained/squeezed, the skin would bubble with the oil and eventually turn a brownish gray color and formed a scab like film- nothing I had ever experienced. I also never got acne on my chest before. These spots WOULD NOT go away and I tried multiple acne topical meds such as benzoyl peroxide. When in the shower I noticed that the scab like coverings would start to detach. When they peeled off though it left an open would that soon was covered with a yellow crust that took forever to go away. This has been a cycle going on for months, I tried mupirocin and antibiotics because doctors though it was an infection or folliculitis. Recently I had a biopsy done which revealed its inflammatory and dermatitis not an infection but nobody can tell me what from?? Doctors think it might be from an allergy to a bra fabric/chemical/dye. Anyone have a similar experience? I heard victorias secrets bras have caused problems
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Hi there.  Well, they may not know what from.  Have you seen a dermatologist?  
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I just saw one who went over biopsy results with me and she said i need to do trial and error to find out what its from but the problem is the more times i get it wrong the more scars i get
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