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Am I pregnant or just wishful thinking?

Ok so basically I had the Mirena insterted in September of 2011, after having months of cramping and bleeding I had it checked and sure enough it had moved. After an attempt to find it with an ultrasound I was scheduled to have it surgically removed. Well, 3 days after appointment was booked I felt the strings. My doc checked and sure enough there they were and she grabbed it and removed it. This was on the 12th of December 2011. The week prior I had a pregnancy test just to make sure and it was negative. Well my husband and I only get to see each other every couple of months so of course we have plenty of intercourse during our time together. From the 17th of Dec 2011 to the 26th of DEC 2011 We had intercourse once every day if not twice, and we werent careful. One or two of those days I noticed the tell tale sign of ovulation, you know that pinch and cramping. On the 27th of DEC I woke up nauseated and lasted for a few hours. during the day i noticed I just felt off and weird...headache all day, moodyness, heart palpitations, really thick milky white discharge (more than usual) with no odor and some cramping/bloated feeling. 28th woke up again nauseated and with a headache, heart palpitations, discharge, tender nipples, dizzy/light headed feeling,a little congested. Woke up 29 DEC and felt normal other than of course heart palpitations, discharge and all the rest except nausea...ok so i go about my day. Later on that day I get nauseated all over again. I have yet to get my period maybe its just me hoping, but im thinking its way too soon to conceive. Well the morning of the 29th of DEC I got an HCG Qual done at the clinic I work at and it was negative. Is it too soon to tell or is it even possible to conceive immediately after removal of the mirena. Please help me im so confused and I have no one to talk to being that my husband is over 13 hours away from me. HELP!!  
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you didnt have yours for long but i remember when i got mine removed after almost 5 years i had those symptoms... apparently alot of people have this after removal its like some kind of withdwL from the hormones...

but i got pregnant right away after the removal...

also you could be... do you know when you would have been ovulating? when was your last period?

you can test 14 days after the last day of unprotected sex and get an accurate ressult

good luck
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