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Answers for the lost.. Vaginal Infections ruling my life

Im a 26 year old female. I've been diagnosed with more Bacterial (Vaginal) infections in the past 2 years than i can count. I cant even always go to the DR because I cannot afford it.
some notes.
Im (well WAS) very sexually active
I'm on progestin-only birth control pill
I'm a daily smoker (pack a day)
I have (or supposedly have) IBS

Methods: antibiotics only temporarily help lately, I Constantly feel an infection, with lots of irritation., I do not even bother with underwear unless on period, i Do not use scented anything down there, i rarely even use soap there i just use my sprayer from the shower head to clean well, I take probiotics, i use the boric acid occasionally but after 2-3 days of use it makes me even more irritated than i was originally, ive bathed in organic apple cidar vinegar, ive literally shoved plain yogurt up there...

I keep getting told smoking, my pills and sex cause these things. Well i know many women who do all 3 as well and dont get infections like i do, so Why Me? No dr has an answer for me. just do this do that. at this point im so tired and i cant afford dr's anymore. Between this "condition" along with the supposed IBS i have, sex has become nearly obsolete (i am NOT happy!!) I'm tired of drs blaming what i do daily or whatever when many others do as well and do not have this problem.

...Any suggestions?
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