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Anybody here been diagnosed with trigonitis? please help

After on-going bladder and pelvic pain for 6 months straight i recently underwent a laproscopy and cytoscopy.
The trigone of the bladder was inflamed fluffy white tissue.
I have seen my urologist hoping he would be able to help this as i thought the treatment for this condition was lazering the inflamed tissue off?
The pain is similar to a uti , constant pressure and pain and slight burning on urination. most painful when the bladder is full - putting pressure on the trigone area.
upon discussing this with my urologist he indicated that he didnt want to perform lazer as this could make it worse and put me in more pain?
he did not offer any other forms of treatment for me
i am feeling lost and exhausted from being in pain for such a long time
He tried to say that it was unlikely trigoniotus is the cause of the pain? even though it is there?
i can literally feel the exact spot of inflammation when i press down on my bladder
at this stage i am open to anything - natural supplementation or medical
anyone with a similar experience or knowledge please please comment below
it would mean the world to me
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