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Anyone develop labial cuts during or after menopause

I am 54,and haven't had a period in over a year and for months now,have had this labial cut which is very itchy and painful.The vaginal area is also dry at times,so I use generic K-Y frequently.Anyone develop these cuts after/during menopause and how did you treat them?I am also diabetic and may have had some yeast inections.
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Hi,I have been premenopausal for the past year(53 almost 54). My skin, eyes,vaginal areas have become very dry and sex is painful.  Had a tiny tear or a little blood on to after sex due to not enough lube? Or not as elastic? Thinning skin down there? Ugh!!! Using reports external moisturizer...and there lube but I am still trying to figure this out. Doctor says this is normal and those plenty of moisturizer down below. Let me know if you have any answers..please. I miss having sex but scared I will tear more
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