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Are there chances of pregnancy from precum and having morning after pill?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 12th day after my period. He did not ejaculate inside me. He had ejaculated the very morning and peed several times. I am scared about being pregnant from pre ***. Just to be on the safe side, I took the morning after pill within 28 hours of intercourse. On the 9th day after intercourse I got light bleed and it persisted the whole day, the bleed not being much. Would I be pregnant or would this just be a side effect of the morning after pill?
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To clear up misconceptions,  peeing and masturbating prior to unprotected sex will not prevent pregnancy in any way.  So, don't believe any of that stuff.  It's simply not true.  However, a penis needs to enter the vagina.  So, if his penis wasn't in you, you didn't risk getting pregnant.  But you took the morning after pill anyway.  I am glad you are being ultra safe but that is to be taken very sparingly.  It wasn't needed for this situation.  What the morning after pill is is a huge dose of hormones.  They will prevent pregnancy from happening.  However, they also are then left in your system for your body to deal with.  These extra hormones from the morning after pill mess up your cycle.  We can have irregular bleeding, late periods ect. for 2 to 3 months after taking it.  So, this sounds like the after affects of that pill.  Get some condoms or go on the pill so you don't have to worry. good luck sweetie
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Hi, I understand you to be saying that you *did* have sex with your boyfriend, who did not ejaculate (but you did have his penis inside your vagina), is that correct? And you are concerned because it was mid-cycle for you, and he had ejaculated some number of hours earlier, giving the chance that there was still some live sperm in his urethra despite his having peed a few times after the ejaculation?

I would say that there was (some) risk of (a few) spermies possibly still hanging out in his urethra that hopped the pre-ejaculate bus ride into your vagina when you had sex. Given that you were on day 12, it was probably smart to be cautious. But the problem is, you weren't being cautious, you were having unprotected sex. And taking a morning-after pill is not meant to be anything but for a super emergency, for all the reasons specialmom mentioned. You should be cautious about harming your health. So you were balancing two things that would both be bad, one being an unwanted pregnancy at this time and the other being exposure to a hella lot of hormones, when there are a lot simpler and saner ways to keep from getting pregnant.

I don't think you hurt yourself this once (please tell me you don't use the morning-after pill this way regularly or I would say you really aren't being careful) and it does sound like you aren't pregnant but are bleeding from the morning-after pill. I do think you need to get onto a wiser form of b.c., and not have unprotected sex at midcycle any more. (You have to stand up for yourself on that one, your boyfriend is clearly not protecting you in any way.)
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Yes, if you had actual sex with a penis inside of you, that IS a risk of pregnancy and I misread that!  But I do still think you are experiencing the after affects of the morning after pill.  You can take a test 2.5 weeks after it occurred to be sure.  
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